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  • jreynolds88
    Another promising action heroine movie is Colombiana , where Zoe Saldana portrays an assassin out to get the drug
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2011
      Another promising action heroine movie is "Colombiana", where Zoe Saldana  portrays an assassin out to get the drug gangsters who murdered her family.   It's written by Luc Besson, who proved he knew how to do heroines in "Nikita" and "The Fifth Element".    It's directed by another Frenchman, Olivier Megaton, who also did "Transporter 3".  Dunno if that's his real name, but it would be sad if he chose it.   Saldana was in "Star Trek 2" as the slimmer, buffed-up version of Uhura, and also did the voice and motion capture for the blue-skinned Neytiri in "Avatar".  She looks a lot faster and more graceful than most actresses who attempt action.

      What's less promising is that there's been hardly any publicity about the movie, even though it opens in a month.   Twitchfilm.net has had the best coverage, and they have the trailer and some behind-the-scenes bits here  .  There's also a great clip on Youtube where she swims through a shark tank to do a hit here  .  

      Fem-action has a pretty bad record in Hollywood by the metric that they care about, box office.  The exceptions are those that star Angelina Jolie, but she's got so much star wattage that she made even Brad Pitt look like a regular dude in "Mr and Mrs Smith".  Here's hoping that Saldana can join the pantheon!

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