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Re: Donald Moffitt wrote as Paul Kenyon

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  • jreynolds88
    I ve actually read some of Moffitt s straight SF novels, and they were pretty good. I d recommend Crescent in the Sky , about an interstellar Islamic culture
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2009
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      I've actually read some of Moffitt's straight SF novels, and they were
      pretty good. I'd recommend "Crescent in the Sky", about an interstellar
      Islamic culture with an odd problem regarding Mecca. The style of his
      novels is definitely that of the Baroness series, and does have the same
      fondness for gore. Too much so, actually, for the hard SF genre, which
      may be why he never got up to the Niven level.

      In the little bio blurb at the end he mentions our gal's books, though
      not directly: "A former public relations executive, industrial
      filmmaker, and ghostwriter, he has been writing fiction on and off for
      more than twenty years under an assortment of pen names, including his
      own, chiefly espionage novels and adventure stories in international
      settings." Dunno if he wrote any pulp besides the B series. He was
      apparently born in 1936, so he would have been in his late thirties when
      he wrote them.

      --- In TheBaroness@yahoogroups.com, "ppsantos" <ppsantos@...> wrote:
      > The website owner emailed me with this:
      > "I just noticed that it's spelled incorrectly. The name is Donald
      > Moffitt. I don't actually remember where I heard it. That was many
      > years ago. I used to read Publishers Weekly regularly during the
      > so probably saw a reference to it there."
      > Any member here who knows Donald Moffitt or how we can contact him?
      > I'm still trying find out the other two unpublished Baroness titles
      > that Bob Vardeman aluded to.
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