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Re: jp8000 patches to v-synth

Hi yamahakunde, Sorry to necro this old thread, but where could I find the vsynth vengeance patches you are referring to? I'd love them! I don't have my Jp8000
Jul 14

Re: Happy Holidays

I still use my V-Synth, I don't have a GT just the regular version. I sold one, then got sellers remorse and purchased another one. Won't make that mistake
Dec 11, 2014

Happy Holidays

Howdy, nice to see some activity in the group. Are folks still using the V-Synth? I really hope so, it has become a classic, since I don’t see anything in
Dr. Michael Lauer
Dec 11, 2014

Re: CF cards in VP9000?

All SCSI Plexwriter work fine as CD-Drive. Ebay for less than 60 $. SCSI DVD drives work also - I have 2 here with my VPs. At ebay both for 110 EUR incl.
Dec 11, 2014

Re: CF cards in VP9000?

With what device? CF SCSI drives ought to work like any other SCSI removeable media drive, and I have had success with external zip and CD drives. But they
Sevo Stille
Dec 11, 2014

Re: CF cards in VP9000?

It's so easy to import via SCSI Zip, SCSI Harddisk, CD-ROM or DVD und much cheaper. The CF Reader was interesting for the older sampler generation. Never heard
Dec 11, 2014

CF cards in VP9000?

Has anyone had any success with this? I can't find any info.
Dec 11, 2014

Re: V-Loop

Excellent! Thank you. Possibility of a Mac version?
Dec 4, 2014

Re: roland user libraries ?

a valuable post that needs extra attention. I suggest that who has this files make uploading at files section of the group to help us. Thank you
Jun 23, 2014

roland user libraries ?

does anyone know where i can locate the vp9000 user libraries that came on zips , i had them a while back until my pc ate them all or the subtstandard drive
Apr 28, 2013

Re: VariOS update Please help....

thanks it helps me as on Roland site it was not part of the update file BTW, to get the current OS, you don't need to press and hold Exit and Value while
Mar 31, 2013

laser harp

For all the fans of Jean Michel Jarre Free laser harp build yourself http://audio-synth-vintage.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=121#557
Vavasseur Philippe
Feb 17, 2013

Re: Help with saving projects to PC needed!

Thank you, I have been doing exactly what you suggested, but the problem is that when i connect V-Synth to my PC(Win XP) and it opens there as an external
Nov 30, 2012

Re: Help with saving projects to PC needed!

Hello, The V-synth USB drivers only work properly under Windows XP. I find it easier to do everything off a compact flash card in the PC Card slot of the
Nick Henning
Nov 30, 2012

Help with saving projects to PC needed!

Hello all, I have V-Synth v2, i've been successfully loading projects from my PC to V-Synth via USB(card mode), but unfortunately unable to move any projects
Nov 29, 2012
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