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Enviroline High Performance Linings & Coatings

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  • Zeeshan Khan
    We are dealing in the sales & services Enviroline High Performance Coatings & Linings in Saudi Arabia. We have Chemical Resistant Linings, Heat Resistant
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009

      We are  dealing in the sales & services  Enviroline High Performance Coatings & Linings in Saudi Arabia.

      We have Chemical Resistant Linings, Heat Resistant Coatings, Concrete Primers, Acid Resistant Linings, etc. which may be of your interest.

      On your request I can send you the chemical resistance table which includes a list of various chemicals the specific linings are resistant to and what are its effects.


      We operate our sales & services from Al-Khobar. Below is a brief introduction of the product.


      Enviroline Corrosion Solution


      Since the 1950’s, Enviroline technology has provided high performance and environmentally friendly corrosion solutions to steel and concrete structures. As a leader in epoxy novolac technology, Enviroline’s environmentally friendly products provide long term durability as well as corrosion, high temperature and chemical resistance for a variety of aggressive applications. With a single coat, fast cure, ultra-low VOC application. Enviroline is the most reliable and cost effective choice for tank & pipe owners seeking long term corrosion solutions that won’t have a long term impact on their curent production or budget.


      The Enviroline Advantage


      The Single Coat Thick Film Advantage, Ultra-low VOC’s, Fast Application, Fast Cure, Impact & Abrasion Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Saves Money & Longetivity.


      For more information and datasheets please contact us or visit www.envirolinegroup.com



      Feel free to contact us for more details.

      Looking forward have business with your company.


      Best Regards;


      Zeeshan Ahmed Khan

      Sales Engineer


      Saudi Ceratech

      P.O.Box 2117, Al Khobar, 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      Telephone       : +966 3 8821055 Ext. 262

      Mobile              : +966 507815210

      Facsimile          : +966 3 8876357

      Email                : zeeshan.ahmed@...

      Website           : http://www.amps-wll.com

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