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China coke export

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  • salvin_zhunk
    Analysis and prospect on China coke export market for the 2nd half- year of 2005 [SteelHome] 2005-07-01 12:19:01
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2005
      Analysis and prospect on China coke export market for the 2nd half-
      year of 2005
      [SteelHome] 2005-07-01 12:19:01
      Suffering large price fluctuation in 2004, China coke export market
      has presented relatively steady situation in the 1st half year of
      2005. On the one hand, coke buyers and sellers have held different
      opinions on the future market trend, thus transaction between them
      has been stagnant; on the other hand, China coke export has risen,
      while coke inventory in other countries have been comparatively
      high, thus coke price has declined steadily from the price level of
      2004, with present coke export price keeping at 220-230 USD/ton
      (FOB).As for coke market trend for the 2nd half year of 2005, it is
      predicted that China coke export price will fluctuate at high price
      level (over 210 USD/ton) in the near future.1. Coke supply &
      demand situation has been balanced in global market as a whole.Steel
      products price has dropped continuously in global market since
      Mar.05, while driven by fast economic growth of China, steel
      production in global market has presented rising trend.Based on the
      statistics data from International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI),
      global crude steel output has totaled 360 million tons for Jan.-
      Apr.05, up 7.0% year on year. Although the growth rate has dropped,
      general crude steel output has presented rising trend. In addition,
      IISI has forecasted in a report for Apr. that steel products demand
      for 2005 will exceed 1 billion tons and reach 1.004 billion tons in
      global market.As a major coke consumption industry, steel industry¡¯
      s demand will inevitably stimulate coke demand. Thus coke demand in
      global market will not drop largely, indicating that international
      market¡¯s demand for China coke will not decrease largely.

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