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Re: [The Saudi Network] More urea available for sale

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    Dear Mr. Tony Many thanks for your keen attn to our company, but it s quite unfortunate that we don t deal with oil and it s sub-goods. herewith we find the
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 23, 2000
      Dear Mr. Tony
      Many thanks for your keen attn to our company, but it's quite unfortunate that we don't deal with oil and it's sub-goods.
      herewith we find the pleasure to introduce ourselves and offer a business in hand:

      A-Company profile
      Queen Coeast Co. Ltd.,
      is specializing in Selling Chemicals goods and also interested in Mines & Minerals And Raw Materials Exporting.
      At the present, we intend to boost our Business ties with main
      Suppliers who may need ONE ACTIVE selling Agent here in local and very Impressive Market, who is supposed to collect orders from the Market and efficiently fix the deals with Buyers on Suppliers' behalf.
      We would like to participate in the field of Chemicals, Minerals & Raw Materials EXP/IMP.
      We also wish to inform you Queen Coeast is actually the First
      e-Marketing Company here in Iran so you have gained the opportunity to get THE RIGHT PARTNER plus selling your products even better than the past(if any) Since we have gathered the best of the nation who are holding MBA, Ph.D. Degree in INT'L Marketing and one of the most challenging Salesforce can act on your behalf.

      Queen Coeast Co. Ltd.,

      We've noticed your name and e-mail Add at www.wbc.com and got
      interested to your esteemed company, please quote us your most
      competitive prices for hydroxide sodium CFR Darrusalam/Tanzania and Mombasa/Kenya for 10 to 15 20FCL per month with flwg

      1-Physical properties:
      Color white
      form solid(flake)
      Bulk Density 0.64 Gm/cc

      2-Chemical composition

      NaOH 98% Min
      NaCL 100pm Max
      NaClO3 70ppm Max
      Ca++,Mg++ 300ppbMax
      Hg++ Nil

      3-Required facts:
      -Origin ?
      -Expected date of shipment?
      -Terms of delivery?
      -Terms of payment?
      -Supply capacity per voyage?
      -Sample availability for labratory verification?

      4-Considering our selling commission 5% from total CFR value
      receivable upon L/C issuance by original end-user.

      C-pls kindly be informed that my organizational active e-mail is: mohsen@....

      looking forward to hearing from you asap,

      Your faithfully

      Mohsen Akbari

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      From: Tony Daniels <tonynwa_daniels@...>
      To: the-saudi-network@egroups.com
      Sent: December 18, 2000 2:00:43 PM GMT
      Subject: Re: [The Saudi Network] More urea available for sale

      December 18, 2000

      Thanks for your offer on UREA. I will try to pass on
      your to a friend who deals on things on this and then
      get back to you.

      However, at this time I am in need of the following:
      D2 OIL
      If you are in a position to have a genuine and real
      sale for this please contact me. I have a buyer in
      need for these with genuine sale. Any quantity for a
      long time deal.

      If you do have any connection, please send me a
      cooporate offer:

      ATTN: Tony N. Daniels
      Mid Atlantic TC Inc./Pecom Petroleum
      11430 Lockwood Drive Suite 103
      Silver Spring Maryland 20904


      --- Martinus <martinus@...> wrote:
      > ETCO INTERNATIONAL TRADE can sell some product that
      > meet your requirement.
      > - Prilled WhiteUrea, 46%Nitrogen
      > Biuret: 1.0% max
      > Moisture: 5%max
      > Melting Point: 132 Deg.C.
      > Origin/Packing/Price:
      > a. Libyan Urea /Bulk Packing /USD 109.- metric ton
      > FOB Libyan Port
      > b. Jordanian / 50kg bags / USD 119.- metric ton
      > FOB Aqaba
      > For CNF Price - pls advise specific port of
      > destination and Unloading Rate
      > Quantity : Min 3000mtons max 10,000mtons each
      > Payment : Sight L/C
      > Shipment: December 2000
      > Will you buy these urea?
      > I look forward to your response. Thank you.
      > Best Regards
      > Martinus

      Tony Nwagbara Daniels
      Mid Atlantic TC Inc.

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