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Falling for Fall by Sara Jay ~m/f paranormal erotic romance ~ PG13 excerpt

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  • Sara Jay
    I am so excited to share my new release, Falling for Fall, with you! It s the story of Autumn, a paranormal investigator in St. Louis, and Theo, her partner
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2013
    I am so excited to share my new release, Falling for Fall, with you! It's the story of Autumn, a paranormal investigator in St. Louis, and Theo, her partner (at work and in bed) and Green Man of the forest!

    Theo wants to commit to Autumn and make her his Mate, but she thinks he could never stay faithful to a human. Will the harrowing case they work together change her mind? It's another book born from a Changeling flash fic challenge and I hope you love it as much as I do.

    Here's a peek!

    Falling for Fall

    by Sara Jay

    Buy Link: https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2100

    Cover art: Bryan Keller

    BIN: 06530-02100

    Genres: Paranormal, Action Adventure/Suspense, Erotic Romance

    Themes: Voyeurism and Exhibitionism, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Men and Women in Uniform

    Book Summary:

    Tough-as-nails Paranormal Investigator Autumn Elkridge has her dream career and all the booty calls a woman could want from the sexy Green Man of the forest, Theo. They make perfect partners at work and in bed, but it's in Theo's nature to stray, not stay.

    When Theo wants more from their relationship and a grisly case forces her to see him in a new way, can Autumn admit she's falling for fall?



    Freezing. I'm freezing.

    My cold feet bounce left, then right. My tits follow in fashion.

    "Locked out, I see." Theo's smirk peers out from inside an oak tree. Of course the Green Man would show up while I'm wearing nothing but a Journey t-shirt. Shivering, I cover my ass.

    The giant armholes in the shirt dip lower, giving the forest god a peek of my left breast. I clutch my little knapsack over my butt but it doesn't cover up much.

    "I could warm you up, Autumn," he offers, the crisp scent of the season on his breath as he saunters toward me. Before I know it, there are leaves in my hair, too. When did he get so close?

    "Theo, you're horrible," I gasp, half-heartedly shoving at him. His warm brown eyes sparkle at me as they pointedly drop from my gaze to my breasts. Smirking, he bunches my t-shirt behind my back with one hand, stretching it even more tautly against me.

    "Why would a capable detective from the St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Unit lock herself out of her own house on this frosty fall morning, mmm?" A laugh rumbles in his chest as his wide, calloused fingers caress my face.

    "To tumble in the leaves with a horny forest god?" I ask, jutting out my chest for good measure. He licks his lips as my nipples poke up at him, and I can't help but grin.

    "So it would seem." Theo's freckles, which make him look in his twenties rather than thousands of years old, are clear in view as his face nears my own. Early morning sunlight shines off his russet crop of hair, nearly blinding me in a bold display of autumn color. I close my eyes, open my mouth and lean in to meet him.

    Lips barely grazing mine, Theo whispers, "But we have more important things to do than tumble in the leaves."

    "Dammit, Theo!" I pull back, growling at him. Leave it to the forest god to tease me like this.

    "We think it's a serial." Theo frowns, a rare look for him.

    I stand up immediately. "How many vics?"

    He shakes his head. "I'll brief you while you get ready."

    Shaking out leaves from my long, chestnut hair, I follow and watch as he palms the doorknob. My lock practically sighs beneath his touch, opening for him easily. Figures.

    Theo follows me as I get ready for the day, and I casually toss my t-shirt at him, leaving the knapsack on the couch. I know his eyes are on my bare ass as I saunter down the hallway, and I relish his quiet gasp. Turnabout is fair play.

    "Why were you out here wearing nothing, anyway? Entertaining a late night visitor?" Of course. Leave it to the forest god to be jealous for no reason, too.

    "Come on, Theo, you know better," I say, shrugging into fresh clothing. Peeking at my reflection in the mirror, I flick out a few more leaves from my hair. My amber eyes peer back at me as I give myself a last once-over.

    Clipping my gun belt around my waist, I catch him ogling me from behind. "Eyes up here, Jack in the Green."

    Theo scowls. "Don't call me that. Besides, I was just making sure you have all your gear. You're missing your wolfsbane powder."

    I smirk. He must've been looking pretty closely to catch that.

    Sara Jay
    Supernatural Romance Not for the Faint of Heart
    Canna's got all the lovers she could ask for at The Pleasure Club, but the gargoyle statue's what she really wants. Find out more in Hard As a Rock available now from Changeling Press!

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