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More Than Prophecy--Paranormal Romance--(R)-Excerpt

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  • Shannon Leigh
    MORE THAN PROPHECY Shannon Leigh Publisher: Amber Quill Press Purchase Url: http://amberquill.com/MoreThanProphecy.html Genre: Romance / Paranormal Romance /
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      Shannon Leigh

      Publisher: Amber Quill Press

      Purchase Url: http://amberquill.com/MoreThanProphecy.html

      Genre: Romance / Paranormal Romance / Time-Travel Romance

      Format: ebook & print



      According to ancient prophecy, a woman will come from Earth to bear a child who will end the warring between the Ramekah and Andreas clans, warring that has plagued the hold folk of Zandar for hundreds of years. On the tail of a magical zephyr, Cheyenne, a young Native American woman, is swept through the doorway of an interplanetary portal and whisked away from Earth in a dazing blur of motion. She's deposited, alone and half-naked, in a valley between the grassy knolls of the Rhian Mountains and the dreaded Goetic forest, just inside the boundaries of Andreas Territory.


      It's there that Lord Darian Andreas, ruler of the mighty Andreas Clan and master of the powerful Andreas Territory, finds her. Although Darian is a just man who exercises kindness and incorporates mercy into his method of rule--which, in the barbaric world of Zandar, are rare qualities for a man--he's also used to getting what he wants, one way or another. And from the moment Darian lays eyes on the dark-skinned beauty, he knows she's meant to be his. If the Gods are willing, he'll make it so...


      Cheyenne’s body swayed toward Darian, instinctively pressing against his in silent surrender.  It was all the permission he needed.  In one swift motion, he swept her weightlessly into his arms and started back toward the bed.


      The intensity of his gaze made her heart turn over in response.  Cheyenne knew there would be no stopping him this time.  She was about to give him everything she had to give.  And the idea filled her with mixed feelings of breathless excitement and nervous anticipation. 


      Despite the uncertainty of their future, this moment felt right.  He was the one she’d been waiting for.  Her heart fluttered as the realization sank in.

      No regrets.


      Cheyenne swallowed hard as he gently laid her on the bed and dropped down beside her.  The heat emanating from his body seemed to burn her skin, even through their clothing.  She shuddered with expectancy as she imagined it would be nearly unbearable when there were no garments separating their flesh.


      Darian wound a hand through her hair, pulled it up, then let it slip through his fingers to fall in a dark halo upon the pillow.  “So soft.”  His voice was a whisper as he watched the silky locks spill around her face. 


      “Just the feel of yer hair makes me quake inside.”  His eyes were filled with childlike wonder.


      The declaration was deeply touching.  Currents of need shot through her insides. Cheyenne wondered if he even knew he’d spoken aloud. 


      As though looking at her for the first time, his fingers gently traced the contours of her brow, her cheek, her jaw, slowly moving toward the curve of her throat.  Then he slipped one digit under the shoulder strap of her chemise and gently nudged it aside.  Bending his head forward, he brushed his mouth across the tingling skin, trailing tiny kisses toward her neck.             


      Cheyenne nearly burst when she felt the heady sensation of his lips against the sensitive flesh of her throat.  Little by little, warmth crept back into her frozen heart, melting the icy prison surrounding her soul and releasing the captive passion and love inside.  No longer hindered with the restraints of insecurity and grief, her desire erupted into a raging inferno that set her entire being on fire.


      “The last few days have been naught short of torture,” he whispered hoarsely, his breath stirring tiny wisps of hair against her ear.  “Every time ya came into the infirmary, I wanted to pull ya into my arms an’ kiss ya.  I’ve thought of naught but yer sweet lips an’ soft curves.”


      The sincerity of his words made Cheyenne shudder.  She wanted to believe him.  With all her heart, she wanted to.  Only a tiny thread of doubt kept her trust in check.


      “Serena?”  She practically choked out the name.


      “Means naught to me.  I dinna ken what was worse, the excruciatin’ pain of healin’, or the sickenin’ sight of Chris an’ her pawin’ all over each other.  I think they enjoyed performin’ lewd acts in front of me, since I was powerless to leave.  I’ve thought of naught but you.  Wanted naught but you.”


      Cheyenne slowly raised her eyes to his, searching for honesty in his words.  She nearly cried out with joy when she saw his sincerity.  His heart lay stripped and vulnerable in the depth of his gaze, giving her free will to look upon his exposed soul.  The adoration he stubbornly refused to confess was openly portrayed in his defenseless stare.


      With shy inexperience, her arms slowly crept around his neck and pulled him down toward her.  Her lips sought his with desperate need, offering an open invitation to take all he wanted.  She did indeed belong to him, more than he realized.


      The last of Darian’s reserve seemingly shattered when her yielding mouth pressed against his.  He buried his hands in her thick hair, tangling his fingers in the dark locks until she was powerless to change her mind, even if she’d wanted to.  His lips hungrily covered hers, eagerly devouring their softness with fevered urgency.


      Cheyenne was pleasantly shocked by her response to his ravishment.  Intense pleasure radiated through her body like bright sunshine, warming every inch until she felt as though she were burning alive.  When his tongue demanded entrance into the moist recesses of her mouth, she eagerly obliged, granting him a thorough exploration.


      “I want to see an’ touch every inch of ya,” he breathed heavily against her lips.  “Would ya like that?”


      Nodding her head, Cheyenne smoothed her palms against his cheeks and sought his mouth once again.  Trying to throttle the dizzying current racing through her insides, she focused on the taste of his lips and smell of his skin.  She drank in the musky aroma of his male scent with parched thirst.  But her own fiery desire threatened to consume her in a raging inferno as her impatience began to mount. 


      While his mouth danced with hers, Darian’s hands began a thorough exploration of her body.  His fingertips casually trailed along her side, slowly moving up toward her breast.  He gently cupped the round globe, fondling its fullness and testing its weight in his palm.  His thumb rolled across her nipple, tormenting the rosy nub to marble hardness. 


      Cheyenne let out a lusty moan and thrust her breast more fully into his hand.  The flimsy chemise seemed like an irritating barrier.  Wanting to feel the warmth of his palm upon her naked skin, she squirmed beneath his touch.


      As though Darian sensed her annoyance, his fingers slipped under the shoulder straps and slowly eased them downward, pulling the gown to her waist.  His fervent gaze eagerly took in the golden hue of her bosom and the dusky pink shade of her erect nipples.  Closing his eyes, he inhaled sharply, catching the faint smell of her erotic pheromones.


      “So bonnie.”  Piercing her with an amorous stare, he leaned forward to capture one taunt peak between his teeth.


      His tongue caressed her sensitive nipple, tantalizing the bud until it had swelled to its fullest.  The gentle massage sent currents of desire, like sparks of electricity, racing through her insides.  And just when she thought she could withstand no more, he moved to the other one, resuming his ardent assault until she was nearly wild with anticipation.


      “Darian!” Cheyenne felt as though she were going to explode. 


      “Shhh… Patience, my wee bonnie lass,” he chided lovingly.  “I’ve only just begun to taste ya.”  A mischievous glare danced in his eyes as his mouth came down again to possess her already swollen bud.


      Seemingly satisfied he’d wreaked enough havoc on her upper body, he slowly moved downward.  Easing the chemise over her hips, he slipped it off her legs and carelessly tossed it aside.  Then he spent several moments worshiping her with his eyes.


      With slow and seductive sweep, his gaze moved along her naked form.  He paused at her breasts before continuing down to the gentle swell of her hips.  And then even further to the thick patch of dark hair shrouding her womanhood.  He reached out, lightly running his hand along the black, downy fur covering her doorway to heaven.


      As though shocked by his touch, Cheyenne’s body jolted.  Her stomach muscles clenched and she had to suppress the urge to thrust her hips against his hand.  A tiny cry escaped her lips as he gently parted her thighs and curled his hand along her opening.


      His touch was light and deliciously teasing as his fingertip probed her delicate petals, skillfully easing them open.  When his finger slipped inside and began to caress her inner wall, Cheyenne bit her lip to stifle a yelp of surprise.  Her hips, seemingly of their own volition, slowly rocked in unison with his palm, meeting each stroke as his skillful massage brought her closer and closer to culmination.


      When Darian felt her inner muscles begin to tighten around his finger, he stayed his caress, delaying her release.  “Nae yet, lass.  I want yer first orgasm to be shatterin’, one that’ll brand yer memory forever.”  Ignoring her whimpers of protest at his temporary denial, his mouth sought hers, drinking in its softness only briefly before pausing to profess his admiration for each part of her body.


      “I want to taste yer release,” he whispered against her throat, nipping gently at the delicate contour. 


      Cheyenne’s body shuddered at the promise of more exquisite torture.  Even though she didn’t understand what he meant, her pulse raced like wildfire through her veins.  If it was anything like what he’d already shown her…


      His large hand seared a path down her flat abdomen to the curve of her hips.  Easing himself between her legs, he wrapped his palms around her thighs as his mouth found the sensitive area behind her knee.  Restraining her squirming body with a firm grasp, he began a painfully tantalizing ascent, nibbling and tasting every inch of the way.


      Cheyenne felt herself begin to stiffen as his warm mouth drew closer to her woman’s flesh.  Surely he isn’t going to…  Is he? 


      She inhaled sharply as the tip of his tongue darted out and touched her.  A surprised gasp left her lips when her hips bucked upward, as though she’d been struck by lightening.  With a knowing grin, he buried his face between her thighs and inflicted the most splendid torment she’d ever endured.

      Shannon Leigh
      "Giving readers the O in their erOtica."



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