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Promo/R-Excerpt: Overflow by Zenobia Renquist/MFM Paranormal Romance

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  • D. Renee Bagby
    Overflow Wet, Book 4 (multi-author series) by Zenobia Renquist eBook BIN: 06052-01942 Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Magical Creatures, Menage (MFM),
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      Wet, Book 4 (multi-author series)
      by Zenobia Renquist

      eBook BIN: 06052-01942
      Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Magical Creatures, Menage (MFM),
      Price: $4.49
      Length: Novella

      Between the devil and the deep.

      Lulu and Hotsuma should be enjoying a happy married life but trouble
      continues to follow them. Masato is back and his reappearance puts
      Hotsuma in danger again. In exchange for his silence about his return,
      Masato makes an indecent proposal Lulu cannot help but accept. To make
      matters worse, someone else has found out about Hotsuma's powers and
      is willing to end those powers, and possibly Hotsuma with them, if Lulu
      doesn't meet his demands. She's in over her head and the water
      is steady rising. Luck and love won't solve the problem this time,
      but maybe help from an unlikely option will.

      Author's Note: This book is a direct sequel to Undercurrent.

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      "I hate you."

      "So, is that a vote for putting everything out in the open and getting
      the ball rolling on the re-imprisonment of Uncle, your divorce, and the
      downfall of Voda?"

      Her shoulders slumped, and she let her hands drop to her sides. He'd
      won and he knew it. She had no choice. She didn't have the power to go
      against the Mizuno family to protect Hotsuma and Voda. She probably
      never would. There was only one thing she could do.

      Masato pulled the towel open and let it drop. His gaze roamed over her
      body as he licked his lips. "Oh, yes. I can be very distracted with
      you. But not yet." He glanced at the bedroom door. "Looks like Uncle
      is on his way back."

      Lulu couldn't stop her sigh of relief but she bristled when Masato

      "That's not a reprieve, sweetheart. You'll be seeing me again. When you
      do, I'll have you screaming with pleasure just like earlier." His
      laughter got louder as he walked back into the bathroom.

      She snatched up her towel and wrapped it around her body before running
      after him and slamming the door shut.

      Hotsuma entered the bedroom and frowned at her. "Lulu?"

      She forced herself to smile. "Sorry. I tried to swing the door closed it
      and misjudged my strength. Did the phone call go okay?"

      A haunted expression crossed Hotsuma's face. "Fine. The family is
      stressing about nothing, as usual."

      "Get some sleep. You look tired."

      "You too." He opened his arms.

      Lulu crossed the room and embraced him with all her strength. She
      welcomed the feel of his arms around her, blotting out the memory of
      Masato and what he'd done. "I guess we've both had a busy day."

      "Yes we have." He sighed and gave her a squeeze before releasing her.
      "Tomorrow will be even busier for me."

      "Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I am familiar with
      hotel management."

      "Yes, you are, and you know I will. For now, I can handle it. But thank
      you." He kissed her forehead and then walked to the bathroom.

      Lulu wanted to cry out for him to stop. She held her breath when he
      opened the door and walked in. When no angered yelling started, she
      assumed Masato had left.


      A whole-body shiver made her clutch her towel. She needed to find a way
      to deal with him that didn't involve sex.

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      Read Chapter One:

      Zenobia Renquist
      Discover Different and Unique Romance
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