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    Here s how to describe the new things at my place... Not nearly as much as the number of stars in the sky, but getting close! (Note that links to all of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2012

      Here's how to describe the new things at my place...

      Not nearly as much as the number of stars in the sky, but getting close! (Note that links to all of the things can be found in my signature below.)

      Ever wonder what goes into the writing of a novel? How about how the author of that novel really thinks about life? At Two Hundred Word Tuesday on my Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/melodee_aaron/ you can learn about this and more! Each Tuesday I invite authors to answer a simple question in 200 words or less, and readers can comment and even ask for more information if the 200 words wasn't enough to fill your appetite. Drop by and join the fun every Tuesday!

      I know a few authors who would rather have a hot stick poked in their eye than follow rules, but they all will come around sooner or later. You can read my Rules for Authors every Monday on my website at http://www.melodeeaaron.com and learn the things you need to do as an author.

      I like to learn about other authors, and I love to help new writers get some exposure, and that is why I offer Thursdays to Guest Bloggers on my website each week. This program is still in its infancy, so the schedule isn't filled out yet, but that's changing. If you would like to appear as an author on my blog, please see the Guest Blogger Page and contact Nikki for all the details.

      Looking for never before seen excerpts? Well, just drop by my website at www.melodeeaaron.com every Wednesday! I'll post a short three paragraph excerpt from one of my books every week and you can read them all. Since the excerpts are picked more or less at random, you never know what will show up the next time you visit!

      Yes, sometimes in my random blog posting I will wax scientific. Don't you want to know about M-theory? One new thing is Freaky Friday where I ask a question in the form of, "Would you..." Yes, the questions are about some freaky sexual practices, so drop by and show just how twisted you are!

      I'm very active on the various social media sites. You can find me on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and the old reliable MySpace. Links to all of these are found in my signature at the end of this message, but...

      Come visit and follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/melodeeaaron for my latest quickies! Yes, I do indeed follow back!

      How many authors are giving away copies of a full novel that won FIVE ANGELS and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angels Reviews? Not many! So while you're at http://www.melodeeaaron.com following the links to other authors or reading the adult and PG excerpts, be sure to check out the FREE Reads area for your very own copy of this award winning novel.

      So what are you waiting for? Head on over now!


      Keep Loving!
      Melodee Aaron, Erotica Romance Author
      Melodee's Books at BookStrand
      Melodee's MySpace, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, and Yahoo! Group.
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