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Coming Aug 23rd: An angel who needs to "wing" it... PG Excerpt from Love Under Will - angels/paranormal/IR/erotic romance

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  • Adrianne Brennan
    Here s a preview of my story Love Under Will in the Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, now available from Constable & Robinson/Running Press in the UK! Look for it
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      Here's a preview of my story "Love Under Will" in the Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, now available from Constable & Robinson/Running Press in the UK! Look for it in stores in the US August 23rd!



      Angels who serve the Powers That Be must work to fulfill Divine Will, or become one of the fallen. An overwhelming assignment weighs upon Aliyael’s angelic shoulders: return Julael, a recently fallen angel, back to his rightful place among the rest of the seraphim. However Julael brings not only challenges towards her perception of angels and humanity, but to her heart as well. Can she rescue him from the darkness, or will she fall with him? Or worse yet…for him?


                   “They want me to rescue what?” Aliyael was glad for being back at the Sanctuary; had she still been manifested in the physical world on Earth, her voice would’ve hurt her throat.

                    To Loriel’s credit, if her reaction startled her she didn’t show it. “An angel who fell.” Loriel tossed her long, light brown hair over one shoulder. Aliyael had noticed the hair thing became a nervous habit for the other angel. She’s still not used that hair, or her body….

                   “Look, it’s a major assignment,” her friend continued, “a huge deal. You’ve proven in the past you can handle the most impossible cases, surely this one wouldn’t be beyond your means?“

                    Aliyael shuddered, unable to reply. One of the fallen. Once an angel had fallen, no telling where they’d go. Some went mad, some tried to go mortal, others…demonic. Sorrow and terror welled up in her every time they were mentioned. Mostly terror, really, she admitted. Once removed from grace, powerful angels could transform into dangerous, deadly creatures.

                    But Loriel was right; this was a fantastic chance to prove herself further to higher ranking Seraphim. Taking on more challenging assignments meant evolving and moving up further in the Sanctuary—not to mention the possibility of serving the Powers That Be better than before. She might even wind up someday serving among the ranks of the Archangels. How could she turn such an opportunity down?

                    Then again, how could she not? Convince one of the fallen to return? What if it backfired and he joined Lucifer against them? What if they themselves fought?

                    I can’t be Michael, and I wouldn’t dare even try.

      Copyrighted 2011 by Adrianne Brennan

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