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  • CJ England
    the New #1 Bestseller is... The Peacekeeper Journals: The Joining Find out Why... Available NOW at Whiskey Creek Torrid One Woman...The Peacekeeper Six
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      the New

      #1 Bestseller is...

      The Peacekeeper Journals: The Joining

      Find out Why...

      Available NOW at Whiskey Creek Torrid


      One Woman...The Peacekeeper 

      Six Men...The Chosen 

      Brought together to Save the World


      The Peacekeeper Journals: The Joining

      E-book ISBN: 978-1-59374-940-8   $5.99

        Print ISBN: 978-1-59374-939-2   $13.95


      For an Autographed copy, contact CJ at womanofthewind1@...

      For a special free thank you gift for purchasing this book, send a copy of the receipt to... womanofthewind1@...


      Remember all those stories that Uncle Bob, that great storyteller, used to tell around the campfire? You know, the scary ones, about supernatural creatures that just couldn’t exist. The ones that when you looked over at your father to see if they were true, he just rolled his eyes and shook his head.
      Well, what if father didn’t know best this time? What if Uncle Bob was right, and those stories about vampires, shapeshifters, witches, spirits, mutants and fairies were all true.
      And what if those same campfire stories were living right next to you, blending in with "normal" people, just going about their daily lives, the way you go about yours.
      These stories are about some of them….

      The first in the long awaited paranormal series by best selling, award winning author

      CJ England

      A war is coming, and Kira, the Peacekeeper has been sent to stop it. Created by an unknown Power for good, she is sent into the lower city of San Francisco to join with a group of supernatural leaders, in order to find a way to prevent the war.
            But her way is fraught with distraction, and danger. In order to complete her mission, she must join with different men, all leaders of their kind. As she does so, she finds herself surrounded by the Chosen…six handsome supernaturals, two of which want more from her, than just a magical joining. As this group begins to blend in a force ready to fight for good, she is confronted by her own yearnings, confused by a desire she doesn’t understand. Should she give herself to Gallegar the vampire, who owns her heart? Or to Lucas, a wolf shapeshifter, who has brought passion into her life? And how can she do either, when she has been called to chastity?
            As Kira struggles with these questions, evil attacks her, and it is only the love of her Chosen that can save her. But this evil is clever, and wants her dead. Will their sacrifice be enough?




      Anne from Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques (5 Klovers and a Recommended Read

      CJ England always manages to focus in on the emotional heart of a story and wring a wide range of emotions from the reader.  THE PEACEKEEPER JOURNALS: THE JOINING is no exception and may be Ms. England’s best yet in a career already peppered with exceptionally good books.  Her flawless prose makes this seemingly complex story come vividly alive.  The aura of mystery surrounding Kira and the Power only adds to the intrigue as this is one superbly written tale!

      Amanda from Fallen Angel Reviews ( 5 Angels and a Recommended Read)

      What an amazing joyride of love, passion, adventure and above all hope for the future. This book has everything a reader could ever hope for. Each character maintains his or her own storyline while at the same time, combining for an engaging roller coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the unbelievable end. I was heartbroken; I didn’t want the story to end. CJ England is an outstanding storyteller who always manages to give her readers everything they want in her male characters; sexy, suave, sweet and strong. I cannot wait to read the next installment from Ms. England very soon.

      Alma of Let's Talk About Books Reviews ( 5 Devils and an Awesome Read)

      CJ England has written a fascinating book with a story line that will keep the reader driven to finish this exciting story.  The characters have a life that leaps off the pages and seems to be able to talk to the reader and keep this story going at a fast pace.  This will have the reader unable to put this adventure down, and even when the book is done, the reader will be begging for more.  

      Amelia of Ecataromance Sensual ( 5 out of 5 Stars)

      When I see the name CJ England on a book, I know the story will be packed with original situations and unforgettable characters.  With the abundance of heroes featured in this story, I felt like I was experiencing a fantasy come true as each sexy man joined the group. The abundance of love between Kira and the chosen men was palpable and beautifully conveyed, and I found myself completely riveted to each page of this outstanding story. I am so looking forward to the next book in this noteworthy series. THE PEACEKEEPER JOURNALS: THE JOINING is an epic journey of enduring love, self-discovery and inspiring wonder, which will long be remembered.


      For more info on this great book and to read an Excerpt go to... http://cjengland.com/peacekeeper/


      And Don't Forget About My Latest Release...

      Changes is Latitude...Changes in attitude

      EBook ISBN 978-1-59374-863-0  $3.99

      Available Now at

      Whiskey Creek Torrid


      When tragedy strikes, a brother and sister decide that heading south to Key Largo and becoming 'Parrot Heads' could be the beginning of a new life for them both.  When love finds them... they are sure of it.

       When Garrett walks back into Bethany's life after leaving her during the hardest time in her life, can she find it in her heart to forgive him and start anew?

      Derek has always been the bad boy in the family.  He wants a new life, but when he gets in over his head he has to rely on an angel on a Harley to help him out of the mess.

        In this new story in the Whiskey Creek Torrid Teaser line, two couples find out that love is more than just a day at the beach.


      Read all the great reviews and an excerpt at...


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      and receive a free teaser download of my 2007 releases.  And wherever you are...in the mountains, the city or at the beach, have a wonderful beginning to your summer!!!

      CJ England
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