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Available Now!!!!! Frosty...The Real Man by CJ England

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    It s Available Now!!!!!! http://www.forbiddenpublications.com/book_pages/frosty_the_real_man.html Frosty...The Real Man Go pick up this unique, heartwarming,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      It's Available Now!!!!!!
      Frosty...The Real Man
      Go pick up this unique, heartwarming, sexy, holiday story
      Remember how I made a Rabbit Sexy???  Wait till you see what I do with a Snowman!

      Join us for a special Christmas Release Party at Forbidden Publications Chat Room 9:00pm EST

      A great evening filled with fun and free gifts. 


      And Remember... I've got a free gift for everyone who stays and tells me these exact words...

      Frosty says... Happy Birthday, CJ. 


      It's just out, and already the reviews are great!  How about a bit of the review and a excerpt from this new holiday book

      5 Klovers from C2Ks Kwips and Kritiques

      CJ England continues to astound with the innovative twists she takes on holiday themes.  Frosty...  The Real Man is sure to melt even the most hardened of hearts with the scorching sex scenes and the beautiful Kleenex moments which characterize any story written by Ms. England.  Though written as a Christmas story, Frosty...  The Real Man is sure to please readers at any time of the year as the magical atmosphere created in this wonderful tale will resonate any time of year.  

      CJ England’s gift at combining a poignant romance, laugh-out-loud humor, and sex scenes hot enough to melt a snowman on even the coldest day has never been sharper than in Frosty...  The Real Man.  The numerous plays on words will have the reader howling with laughter while the heart-wrenching moments will induce quite a few tears.  One will never hear the song, “Frosty The Snowman” in quite the same way ever again.  CJ England may just start a new trend of building anatomically correct snowmen with

      Frosty...  The Real Man!  

      Reviewed by Anne

      Read the rest... http://www.ck2skwipsandkritiques.com/frostytherealman_anne.html


      Amy is tired of being alone.  But she's even more tired of the men she's dated in the past.  She longs to find a man who will be loving and true to her... A real man.

      When Givré, one of the many Christmas Spirits is sent to Amy inside the snowman she created, he's given the assignment to help her out by being her date to the Winter Wonderland Ball.  And he is very pleased.  Amy is his dream woman.  Talented, beautiful, loving and very sexy.

      But Amy doesn't believe her handsome Frenchman is a snowman, a spirit, or anything else... other than maybe a little crazy.  And even though she is very attracted to him, she can't bring herself to tell him how she feels.

      But Givré isn't going to give up so easily.  He's fallen in love with his artist lady and he'll do anything to make her understand that it's her love that will melt his frozen heart.



                 When Amy opened the front door, she groaned again.  The light reflecting off the new fallen snow sent sharp spears of pain dancing in her head.  “Come on, God…give me a break.  I did say I'd never get drunk again.”

                  Shading her eyes, she clumped down the icy sidewalk to where she and her friends had played the night before.  Frowning, she took her hand from her eyes.  Julie’s Buddha was there and so was Bigfoot, but where was her snowman?

                  A low moan came to her ears and she started.  Moving cautiously around the side of Sophia’s snowman, her eyes widened at the sight that met her eyes. 

                  There…lying in a fetal position in the snow…was a man.  A very big…very naked man.

                  He was blue with the cold and shivering so hard, it almost hurt to watch him.  Amy forgot all about her x-rated Frosty.  She rushed over to him.

                  “Are you all right?”

                  He didn’t answer her.  Just groaned again, his teeth chattering like castanets.  Suddenly, Amy heard the sound of children’s voices coming down the street.  Knowing she couldn’t allow the children to see him, she whipped off her coat, draping it over him.

                  “I need you to get up,” she told him.  “You have to get warm.  I have to call an ambulance.”  In the back of her mind, she wondered how he came to be laying in her front yard, naked as a jaybird.

                  Bracing his head against her breast, she tried to lift him.  “Come on,” she panted.  “You have to help me or this isn’t going to work!”


                  He was so cold.  The very marrow of his bones were icy.  His body ached from it and all he wanted to do was go to sleep.  He fought it, knowing that he had something very special he had to do, but he couldn’t remember what or why.

                  A voice shouted at him and he frowned.  It was a woman.  What could she want with him?  The sweet voice finally penetrated his icy prison and he heard her telling him to get up.  Something warm was wrapped around him and he groaned with delight as its heat began to melt the icicles in his blood.

                  Her sweet voice urged him on and he finally got the strength to roll over.


                  “Come on,” Amy said as she pulled on his cold arm.  “You have to get warm or you’ll die.”  Tugging harder, she finally got him to roll over on his back.  Her eyes widened and a blush touched her cheeks.

                  “Okay…so that wasn’t such a good idea,” she whispered to herself.  She’d seen that he was impressively built, with wide shoulders and muscular arms, but crimeny…now she knew he was built big…all over.  Suddenly, she remembered her snowman and she gasped.  “No way…” she breathed.  Her artist’s eyes swept over him and her whole body tingled with a feeling of déjà vu .  “It’s not possible.”  There was no way that this crazy naked man had anything to do with her missing snowman.


                  His eyes opened and he looked into the face of an angel. Mon dieu...she was beautiful.  He knew her. He’d seen her before…but he couldn’t remember where.  Lifting a shaking finger he touched her parted lips and the heat from her breath burned through him.

                  Suddenly everything flooded back to him.  He knew who he was and why he lay freezing in her angel arms.  She’d called him and he…he had answered.


                  Glancing down the street, Amy frowned as she saw the children approaching.  She shook her head at her crazy thoughts.  He wasn’t a snowman.  Just someone in dire need of her help.  “Come on!” she hissed at him.  “You have to get up…now!  Before the kids see you.”

                  She gasped as his eyes opened.  They were as black as if he had eyes made out of coal and she felt another shiver go down her spine.  This one a shudder of recognition.  But she didn’t know him…did she?  He stared at her in wonder, lifting a shaking hand to trace her lips with an icy finger.  Heat shot through her body at his touch and the wild notion went through her mind that she did know this man…and would again…intimately. 

                    He smiled, his blue lips parting to reveal even white teeth.  “Hap…py Birth…day…”



      Want another taste of the my Frosty Christmas Spirit?  Read another excerpt at...



      CJ England
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