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  • Cynthia Sax
    May 7, 2014
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      While investigating some mysterious disappearances, Kane uncovers two secrets that change his world. He’s not entirely human. He’s also dangerously close to death. His alien grandfather has broken a sacred rule, putting his entire bloodline, including Kane, at risk of termination.

      Eshe, a sexy blonde scientist with lush lips and a hot body, is Kane’s only hope to save his family. He’ll do anything to keep her safe, including fighting alien warriors, crossing vast galaxies and giving his woman the pleasure she craves again and again, using every inch of his fit physique.

      In this world, passion is power and love is necessary for survival.


      The human waiting at the compound’s entrance didn’t know what he was volunteering for. Eshe drew her gun and swung the heavy metal door open. A jolt of awareness surged through her and the mark on her chest pulsed to life, her two souls pressing against her skin.
      Not a human. She groaned, instantly recognizing the life-changing signs, an awakening of her body that could only be brought about by her destined mate. I can’t have a fickle human for my One. The timing bit the big one, as Raff would say. Eshe was close to solving the transference problem and joining with her One would result in an immediate transfer home. She’d return to a planet where she didn’t belong, where she had no perceivable worth, mated to a male she couldn’t trust.
      Perhaps he’s not an average human male. A muscular torso clad in a black t-shirt blocked her view. Perhaps he’s loyal, trustworthy, faithful. Eshe tilted her head back and her mouth dropped open. Her human male had a square determined chin, skin tanned from time spent outdoors, hair darker than the vast expanses of space, and fierce brown eyes. The burning over her right breast spread south, lighting fires in a body she’d previously thought a temporary shell.
      “Yes? You wanted something?” she demanded, her desire tempered with dismay. The mystery male was too handsome, too appealing, too normal. He’d have his choice of available human females, have no reason to bond permanently with one being, an alien who didn’t even fit into her own culture.
      The stranger’s gaze fixed on a spot inches above her right shoulder. “My name’s Kane and I’m volunteering for the Orogone experiment.” His deep voice rumbled, the sound exciting her already agitated souls.
      “And what is the Orogone experiment?” She tapped her index finger against the handle of her gun, clinging to her reasoning, her brain fighting a losing battle with her body. She wanted, needed to touch him, to join them and ease the pain inside her.
      Kane’s mouth flattened.
      “Exactly.” Eshe blew out a breath, relieved that he hadn’t lied to her. “You don’t know. You should go, forget about this place.” If he leaves, maybe these feelings will also go away. “Go.” She pushed on his left shoulder, the contact soothing her agony.
      Kane grasped her wrist, his hand blurring as he moved, his response inhumanly fast. Her gun dropped to the ground, metal clinking against concrete. “I’m not leaving, not until I get some answers.”
      “What are you?” She stepped backward, surprised by his aggression. He wasn’t human as he was too fast, too powerful. He wasn’t an Orogone as Orogones could sense each other. He wasn’t an off-worlder as they could sense those species too…the species that they knew of. She studied him, her scientific curiosity piqued. What is he?
      “I ask the questions.” Kane pulled her to him, easily overwhelming her considerable strength, his hips smacking against hers, his chest flattening her breasts, his body hard and muscular and devastatingly male.
      “I-I-I…” Eshe stared up at him, shocked and stimulated, entranced by the connection between them, by the power in his fit physique. Kane hooked one of his arms around her waist and pressed his palm against her back, his fingers splayed over her spine, his heat felt through the layers of clothing.
      “Will you give me some answers?” His gaze flicked down to her identification badge. “Eshe?” He breathed her name, brushing his thumb over her wrist, back and forth, back and forth, in a sensuous caress. “Will you tell me what Orogone is?” He dipped his head, his mouth nearing hers.
      Eshe lifted onto her toes, wanting, needing to taste him. He didn’t close the distance between them and she darted her tongue over her bottom lip. Kane tracked the movement, his eyes dark with passion, yet he didn’t move, didn’t kiss her.
      “Kane?” Her voice was husky with need.


      Cynthia Sax
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      Cynthia Sax

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