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4891The last Ato Z post ~ history for writers & more (promo)

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  • Rose Anderson
    Apr 30, 2014
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      I did it! Today is the last entry in April's month-long A to Z Challenge. http://calliopeswritingtablet.com/ . You're sure to find something amazing and it might just be what you're looking for to add a fun bit of color to your next novel. Each post has extra links to take the topic further for research too. 

      Scroll back to enjoy all 26.

      Z for Z - Where is Colonel Percy Fawcett?
      Y for Yellow Fever - a bad summer in the Big Easy 1853
      X for Xolo - heating pad puppies??
      W for White City - a lot of wonder and a touch of murder
      V for vaccination - Interesting facts for history authors
      U for Underwear - It's not all about support.
      T for Tunguska event - Was Tesla to blame?
      S for Sundials - The Washington Monument is one!
      R for Red Hair - If you like them, you'll LOVE the details.
      Q for Quadratura - as far as the eye can see!
      P for Phrenology - what those bumps on your head mean
      O for Organ Grinders - more Victorian street theater
      M for Medicine Shows & Mountebanks - quackery and street theater
      L for London Fog - it was a killer
      K for Kokopelli - was he on the moon?
      J for Jug Band - lead to the Beatles & more
      I for Iceman - prehistoric forensics
      H for Hobo Nickels - small scale artistry
      G for Gargoyles & Grotesques - yes there's a difference
      F for Funeral Mementos - it's all in the eyes... and that telltale stand
      E for Easter Island Moai - the statues walked!!
      D for Doggerland - the UK was part of mainland Europe?
      C is for Cholera in London 1854 - don't drink the water
      B is for Baghdad Battery - ancient D-cells?
      A for Automaton - more than a clock



      Rose Anderson
      Love Waits in Unexpected Places