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  • The-Dark-Moon@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 1, 2014
      Hello and welcome to The Dark Moon!

      This list will be mainly to discuss my upcoming novels and related genres (dark fantasy, occult fiction, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, science fiction, vampires, vampire erotica, et cetera). However, other authors are free to post blurbs and promotional items to the list. I enjoy supporting my fellow brothers and sisters in our chosen art.

      Promo is allowed on WEDNESDAYS, SATURDAYS, and SUNDAYS only, and only so long as it's within either dark or urban fantasy, paranormal, vampire, science fiction, fantasy, or gothic fiction. Romance and erotica are ok too but not required. Promotion companies can only post ONCE per week. Violators of this rule will be given a reminder and put on moderated status.

      Themed excerpt days are now available! The list's schedule is as follows:

      Monday: paranormal excerpts
      Tuesday: scifi/fantasy excerpts
      Wednesday: promo day
      Thursday: LGBT excerpt day
      Friday: adult themed excerpt day
      Saturday: promo day
      Sunday: promo day

      Please note that themed excerpts days are for excerpts ONLY. Buy links are fine. Also, please indicate in the header what rating your excerpt is for those of us reading from work, kids in the room, et cetera.

      Forwards are explicitly prohibited unless advance permission is received from the mod.

      PLEASE NOTE: set your email settings to "Special Notices", not "no email". A lot of spammers come through here who are set to "no email", plus you will miss important updates. I VERY rarely send anything out as a special notice so rest assured, it will neither be abused nor clog up inboxes.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at adrianne@....

      Have fun,
      -Adrianne Brennan
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