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Internet Marketing - FFA's?..RIP

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  • Paul White
    FFA s?.....RIP By Paul White To be successful online, you must always be aware that what worked yesterday may not necessarily work today. An example of this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2000
      By Paul White

      To be successful online, you must always be aware that what
      worked yesterday may not necessarily work today. An example
      of this is the unexpected demise of the effectiveness of FFA's.
      (FREE For All Sites).

      The Internet is constantly changing, and as you may already
      know, it has been calculated that one year on the internet is
      equal to seven years in the 'real' world.

      When people started to market on the internet, the question
      everyone asked then was:-

      'Should I spend my money paying for advertising, or should
      I spend my time submitting my ad to all the places you can
      advertise for FREE?'

      The answer then was easy. If you had money but little time,
      then you used paid for ads. If you had time but little money,
      then you used FFA's.

      How things change! But remember that was around thirty
      years ago in Internet years!

      In those days of course, you had to submit your ad to the
      FFA's manually which meant visiting the site itself. Other
      people did the same, so everyone read everyone elses ad
      and this 'cross-pollination' of products and services really

      Then along came submission software. This seemed to be
      the answer to everybody's dreams. Submit to 2,000,000
      sites with one click, and all for FREE!

      But it soon became apparent that submission software, far
      from being the marketers' saviour and a breath of fresh air,
      actually sounded the death knell to the effectiveness of FFA's.

      Now no one bothered visiting the sites to see your ad, the
      only one who benefited from this was the FFA site owner,
      who sent you their own sales letter.

      But using the software to submit to thousands of sites meant
      that the advertiser would receive thousands of these SPAM
      sales letters from FFA site owners in their e-mail box.

      Now who can possibly read, or want to read, thousands of
      e-mails which you never asked for anyway?

      The solution to the advertiser was to use 'dump' accounts.
      This means they used an e-mail address different from their
      own, solely for the purpose of deleting all of these unwanted
      sales letters, without having to read any of them.

      So submission software has actually created the worlds
      biggest automated information garbage dump!

      So why bother? Far from being the 'Win-Win' situation
      everyone thought it was, it is now a completely 'Lose-Lose'

      So what is the alternative? Can you still advertise
      effectively online without it costing you an arm and a leg?

      The answer to this is happily a resounding YES!

      There are still a few effective methods that do work
      that wont cost you anything in terms of money.

      If you have your own newsletter then try swapping ads
      with other publishers. Both of you benefit from this.

      To locate people who want to swap, try the following


      If you have not got your own newsletter, then try writing
      articles for publication for others.

      This is not as difficult as you might think!

      Everyone has something to share that other people could
      benefit from.

      Think of your experiences on the internet so far, tell others
      about them so they don't make the same mistakes.

      Alternatively, write about something else you know about,
      a hobby, an interest, or even just about your life!

      Your article would contain what is called a resource box at
      the end of it, which is a few lines about yourself, and your
      URL or e-mail address so people can visit your site or
      contact you. This is like a classified ad, but is far more

      To submit articles, try the following resources:-


      So the purpose of this article is really to say, stop living in
      the past. If you still think that you can make tons of money
      from FFA's and submission software then please think again.
      You owe it to yourself to look at other ways to market your
      products or services.

      There are lots of cost effective ways to advertise, such as
      pay-per-click search engines, targeted e-zine ads and
      opt-in e-mail lists. I will go into all of these in detail in my
      next article.

      But for now please remember:-
      FFA's are dead. RIP!

      Paul White is a former teacher who now helps people around
      the world to make money on the internet. Visit the popular
      Profit Mountain site at:- http://www.profitmountain.com
      Subscribe to the free newsletter and get tons of free e-books,
      software, and loads of other things! Learn the secrets of making
      money online that other experts charge you for!

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