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Re: [TexasCzechs] Re: TexasCzechs maintenance

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  • Susan Rektorik Henley
    Richard, I wish I could say it in Moravian as my Grandmother did...but the saying goes... The more Clara sews, the more Clara rips! Probably doesn t make
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 31, 2001
      I wish I could say it in Moravian as my Grandmother did...but the saying goes..."The more Clara sews, the more Clara rips!"
      Probably doesn't make sense to many but those of you who have created things know that the more effort you spend in creating something; sometimes, the more time you have to spend undoing what you worked so hard to do and start again in another direction.
      That's okay too.
    • Gilbert Bohuslav
      One of the things we need to recognize about Czech s - most of us have a very large ego . To top that off, we often speak or write before our brain is in
      Message 2 of 5 , Sep 1, 2001
        One of the things we need to recognize about Czech's - most of us have a
        very large "ego". To top that off, we often "speak or write before our
        brain is in gear". So with that--enough said.

        Gilbert Bohuslav

        Richard Kotrla wrote:
        > Hello, fellow listers:
        > Rick's right. It's just another family squabble, and I apologize
        > for to the list for even taking my time and yours to respond to Sir
        > John's statements concerning my committment. I know that I am,
        > like most of you, committed to the list, and shouldn't let
        > personalities become an issue.
        > I think it should also be noted that Rick G. did a lot to get the
        > list to be active.
        > Richard K.
        > --- In TexasCzechs@y..., Richard Garza <richardgarza1@j...> wrote:
        > > Hi Jan,
        > > Nothing to worry about. Just one of those little family
        > > squabbles, like: "Mommy, Johnny's eating all the kolaches before
        > Sunday
        > > dinner!" You know the type. It, too, will blow over.
        > > As to list owners, rules, etc., I'll tell you what little I
        > know.
        > > Back in the dark ages, about 1996 or 1997, Frank Mikula and Patrick
        > Janis
        > > presented an idea to the CHS' (Czech Heritage Society) Executive
        > > Committee. Part of the idea was to set up an Internet-based mailing
        > list
        > > where folks could discuss Texas Czech-related topics. The CHS said
        > "go to
        > > it" and the first list was set up on listbot.com. Patrick made the
        > > application for a mail server to listbot.com and the TexasCzechs
        > list was
        > > born.
        > > Volunteers were called for to help in the maintenance of the
        > > list. A few folks stepped up to the plate and said they didn't know
        > too
        > > much about computers or the Internet but would be willing to learn.
        > In
        > > the meantime, the list began to grow. Messages regarding the hunt
        > for
        > > ancestors, a few good recipes, info on traditions, etc., flew
        > through the
        > > airwaves (the WWW in this case) like mad.
        > > Patrick wisely determined that listbot.com had it's
        > limitations.
        > > What if someone wanted to post an ancestral photo, or a picture of
        > those
        > > luxurious <g> ocean liners our ancestors used to get across the sea
        > to
        > > Amerika? What if someone wanted to post a GEDcom file for others to
        > > peruse? Listbot didn't allow attachments and there was no place to
        > create
        > > a database for immigrants or a place for posting files. What to do!
        > > Patrick searched high and low and came across eGroups.com. The
        > membership
        > > list was transferred to eGroups.com and the TexasCzechs list
        > prospered.
        > > More members were discovering they had family connections to each
        > other
        > > and were able to compare trees and photos right in their email. And
        > the
        > > volunteers continued to do what they could to help members in
        > maintaining
        > > their subscriptions in working order. Simple things, like helping
        > someone
        > > subscribe or unsubscribe; clear bouncing mail or teaching someone
        > how to
        > > cut and paste.
        > > Then Yahoo! came along and saw that eGroups had lots of
        > lists
        > > with lots of folks discussing lots of different things. So Yahoo!
        > said to
        > > itself: "I think I'll buy eGroups and merge it with my other
        > passports to
        > > the WWW. The name of the hosting service changed to Yahoogroups.com
        > but
        > > everything else remained the same. We're still TexasCzechs.
        > > What of Patrick & Frank. Well, Frank went on to become
        > president
        > > of the CHS and Patrick went on to found the Texas Czech Genealogy
        > > Society. Both have their hands full doing what presidents do.
        > > As to rules, there really aren't very many and most of them
        > are
        > > similar to ones on other mailing lists. Keep the discussion focused
        > on
        > > Texas Czech topics, no soliciting/advertising (known as spamming),
        > no
        > > flaming (name calling, which just happened), and simple stuff like
        > that.
        > > For a better understanding, download the file 'Netiquette Tips/Email
        > tips
        > > from:
        > >
        > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TexasCzechs/files/
        > >
        > > As to the list owner of record, that's the Czech Heritage
        > Society
        > > of Texas that supplies this wonderful outlet for us to discuss our
        > > heritage!
        > >
        > > Sharing. It's what it's all about!
        > > Rick Garza
        > > www.texasczechs.homestead.com/
        > >
        > > On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 20:19:20 -0500 "Jan" <toni@s...> writes:
        > > > I am soooo out of the loop. What is this all about? Who
        > determines
        > > > who the
        > > > list owner is? Who set up the rules to start with? Etc. etc.
        > ....
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