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Re: [TexasCzechs] kolar family--Jeremy

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  • Jeremy Ferguson
    Darlene, the book I have just shows Vaclav and Marie. My great grandpa Otto Hanus put this book together. Here is the story that he wrote on the first page.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2001
      Darlene, the book I have just shows Vaclav and Marie.  My great grandpa Otto Hanus put this book together.  Here is the story that he wrote on the first page.
          Vaclav and Marie (Kral) Hanus arrived in New York on February 10, 1891 on the steamship Sallier and ten days later landed in Galveston.  From there, they proceeded to LaGrange, Texas by rail and upon their arrival made acquaintance with Augustine Haidusek, who assisted them to settle on a farm owned by his friend, Judge Brown, of Fayette County.  Judge Brown furnished them with teams, tools and seed and the entire proceeds from the first crop for clearing the farm from wild coffee and corn.  The crop turned out well and the proceeds enabled them to buy their own teams and tools and, again, rented the same farm for $2.00 per acre.  The second crop was even better and they bought their own farm near Schulenburg where they settled permanently.
          Grandfather Hanus was an avid orchardist and the first thing he planted was a large orchard of every type fruit available.  His hobby was grapes and, at one time, he had over one hundred varieties of grapes, most of which he propogated himself.  His fame spread far and wide and people came for his grapes to make vine at home.  They carried away tubs full and Grandfather never charged them a dime for them.  The last two years, he was almost an invalid, but the boys carried him to his grapes and he worked on his knees to propogate them.
          Grandmother passed away on Feb. 28, 1905 after a long illness and Grandfather followed her a little over a year later on April 30, 1906.  They are interred in the northeast corner of the C.R. Walters Memorial Cemetery in the northeast city limits of Schulenburg, Texas.
      Now I do know that Vaclav and Marie had a daughter Anna Hanus(b. 6-22-1866/d. 2-10-1934) who married Ludwig Krupa(b. 4-11-1867/d. 10-30-1947).  Their next child was Joseph Hanus(b. 3-5-1867/d. 9-15-1937).  Vaclav Hanus(b. 3-27-1872/d. 9-15-1940) who married Marie Jurecek(b. 10-12-1881/d. 10-9-1936).  The next child was Marie Jenofefa Hanus(b. 3-26-1873/d. 1-31-1960) who married Josef Sumbera(b. 6-12-1867/d. 11-10-1907).  They then had Emerich Hanus(b. 8-26-1867/d. 5-10-1959) who married Ludmila Sumbera(b. 11-23-1882/d. ? ).  Their final child was Otokar Hanus(b. 12-7-1883/d. 12-3-1934) who married Josephine Macura(12-23-1888/d. 5-4-1960).  If any of this helps please let me know.
      Jeremy Ferguson
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      Do you know if Vaclav had any siblings???
      Where were they from??



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      I know this e-mail is from a while ago but I since I just found my Hanus
      Family book I thought I would reply.  Marie Jenovefa Hanus was my great
      grandfather's aunt.  She is the daughter of Vaclav [b.
      8-27-1844/d.4-30-1906] and Marie (Kral) Hanus[b. 3-25-1845/d.2-28-1905].  
      If there is any more info you need on the Hanus family please let me know.

      Jeremy Ferguson

      Darlene Baker

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