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Re: [TexasCzechs] Caldwell coming up

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  • darlenbaker@cs.com
    that would be great wouldn t it??? darlene
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2001
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      that would be great wouldn't it???

    • Richard Kotrla
      Mary: I am excited that the conference will be in my old hometown. All three museums are great places to visit. And maybe we can make sure they will all be
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 7, 2001
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        I am excited that the conference will be in my old hometown.

        All three museums are great places to visit. And maybe we can make
        sure they will all be open during the conference.

        Richard Kotrla

        --- In TexasCzechs@y..., "Mary J. Heard" <mjkraitc@k...> wrote:
        > Friends and Kin, Jak se mas?
        > Finally! The last note has been played and the music filed away for
        > past season and maybe I can again return messages and answer
        questions. I
        > am sure many of you have given up on hearing from me. My apologies.
        > has been an exceptionally difficult year and I will not bore you
        with the
        > why.
        > In addition to the main event, the State Meeting of the CHST, which
        > always a wonderful affair full of information and fun, there are
        > museums which are especially meaningful for us Czechs. I hope you
        > visit all three while there. Richard K. are they on your tour list?
        > The Burleson County Historical Museum in on the lower level of the
        > court house, in the center of town. It is the oldest and includes
        > Czech treasures as well as items encompassing the entire county.
        They are
        > open Fridays from 2 - 4:30.
        > The Czech Museum, the (old) Polasek House, is the newest of the
        > It is on the corner of Fawn and Main Streets (if not Main then it is
        > I cannot find an address for it). Many local Czech families have
        > items to this collection.
        > The Kraitchar House on the corner of Buck and Porter Streets rounds
        > this trio. This house was the residence of a Czech businessman and
        > alderman for Caldwell, Thomas Kraitchar, Jr. It was a wedding gift
        > his father Thomas Kraitchar, Sr. and his wife Mary Kocurek Kraitchar
        > 1891. My father and his brother and sisters were all born in this
        > and this is where I went when I visited my grandparents.
        > Thomas Kraitchar, Sr., immigrated to Texas in 1855 with his parents.
        > 1869 and 1870, he along with John Gavenda and Frank Mikeska were the
        > Moravians to settle in Burleson County.
        > The Kraitchar name was originally spelled Krajca in the Moravian
        > When Thomas Kraitchar, Sr. was being granted his naturalization
        papers, the
        > judge asked if he would like to Anglicize his name to make it easier
        > pronounce and spell by the English speaking people in this country.
        > to please and become an American, he said yes. Now my mother, who
        > German and should know says the judge was of German extraction and
        > it the way it would be spelled and pronounced in German. The name
        has thus
        > always since been a challenge to pronounce and to spell and is
        > recognized as to its origins.
        > Burleson County has a very nice website with many links at:
        > <http://www.rootsweb.com/~txburles/burles.htm> or just type in
        > County in your search engine. Included on one of the pages is a
        sketch of
        > the Kraitchar House and more information about it and on the recipe
        page is
        > a color photograph of Honey Dowdy and George Hlavinka in Czech
        costume in
        > front of the Kraitchar House.
        > I hope it is possible to have these three facilities open for
        > during the conference.
        > Mary J. Heard
        > mjkraitc@k...
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