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Re: Czech-Moravian Brethren pics from years ago

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  • Kathy Horak Smith
    This is just a suggestion and I hope it ll work. Since there is the genealogy conference coming up, why not take all those old confirmation pictures to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2000
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      This is just a suggestion and I hope it'll work. Since there is the
      genealogy conference coming up, why not take all those old
      confirmation pictures to the conference and maybe there will be some
      time for people to get together to identify the confirmands. With my
      grandfather being a minister in the Czech Brethren Church, we have
      many confirmation pictures and pictures from the Hus School. I'll
      send ours with my mother-Eloise Horak. Maybe some connections can be
      made. If its like my family, the Czech Brethrens tended to marry
      other Czech Brethrens from the same community. Once those
      connections were made, we found many relatives and many

      Kathy Horak Smith

      --- In texasczechs@egroups.com, "Susan Rektorik Henley"
      <srektorik@h...> wrote:
      > Richard, thank you so very graciously for your help with my photos.
      > Now as to my question to which you responded in detail, let me
      establish that my question wasn't why my grandmother was dressed up
      so beautifully...I understood that it was her Confirmation in the
      Moravian Brethren Church. I am familiar with what a "Confirmation"
      > My question pertained to the younger girls in the second photo.
      From what I have read, Confirmation doesn't happen until one was a
      little older...old enough to accept the faith for oneself in the
      Moravian Brethren faith.
      > In the picture of the three girls, they are all quite young which
      is why I wondered if there was a different ceremony. I think you
      might have failed to notice that I sent two different messages with a
      question for the second one only. You seem to be generically
      speaking while I was requesting assistance with a particular photo.
      Now, I do understand that in some faiths, the confirmations are set
      by the calendar and that the "grace" of the individual might or might
      not be on schedule. I can testify to that. I just thought that the
      Moravian Brethrens of back then waited a little longer to allow a
      individual to determine their beliefs.
      > Again, my question as to the second photo is to establish if this
      is a Confirmation photo because the girls are so young. In addition,
      it has been brought to my attention that this could have been a
      Catholic Confirmation Ceremony, I am not sure how this would have
      worked into my Grandmother's life back then since she and her family
      were staunch Moravian Brethrens ( as were their friends), but I would
      understand a Catholic Confirmation at that age. (I view this as a
      > Please my friends out there who are Catholic, don't take exception
      to me too. I do try so very hard not to be a heathen. I always seem
      to ask too many questions.
      > Susan Rektorik Henley
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      > From: Kotrla RJ (Richard)
      > To: 'texasczechs@egroups.com'
      > Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 9:42 PM
      > Subject: [TexasCzechs] Czech-Moravian Brethren pics from years ago
      > Hello listers, and particularly Susan Retornik Henley:
      > Susan, thanks for sharing the pictures from the past of the
      > Brethren Church, now the Unity of the Brethren.
      > I was curious is the Granger pics were of some of my kin, so
      that's why I
      > brought up the question. In the case of the wonderful old
      pictures you
      > shared, they weren't.
      > You brought up questions concerning why they were all so dressed
      up. These
      > are confirmation photos. Confirmation is something that was and
      still is
      > prevalent in the Catholic church, and that Czech protestants
      deemed worth
      > keeping in their religion. Confirmation is religious training
      for the
      > young. I went through it as I was growing up in the Brethren
      church. Once
      > you completed the training, you were considered mature enough to
      take the
      > wine and the bread, i.e. Holy Communion, which my Baptist
      brethren call the
      > Lord's Supper. You were questioned about what you learned while
      > the Catechism, also a holdover from the Catholic Church, which
      was a book of
      > valuable religious knowledge. This questioning was done in front
      of the
      > congregation. This was done back then, and while I was growing
      up. And I
      > suspect, this is the way it still occurs. And in the olden days
      and in my
      > time, you wore your best Sunday clothes, and if you were a young
      lady, you
      > wore your newsest and best white dress.
      > This was your "coming of age."
      > Richard
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