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LaSalle, Texas

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  • Jan
    I just have to share this with you guys. Don t you just love it when things fall into place? For ages, my Mom has been talking about going to LaSalle, Texas.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 30, 2001
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      I just have to share this with you guys.  Don't you just love it when things fall into place?   
      For ages, my Mom has been talking about going to LaSalle, Texas.  We have relatives on my maternal grandfather's side who are buried there.  Well when we go see my great-grandaunt at the coast, we could go through LaSalle.  However, we never do because it is quite a bit out of the way.  .  
      On Mom's and my  most recent trip to see my great-grandaunt, I was driving. At the last minute, I don't know what struck me.  I decided to take the scenic route (even though I knew it would throw us really late getting to my great-grandaunt's).  Of course, my Mom loves scenic routes (and granted, so do I at times).  I knew we were close to LaSalle.  So I decided, "This time we'll go to LaSalle."   As my Mom did not know that was my plan she was looking at the road signs, and then the map, and suddenly exclaimed, "We're going through LaSalle!!!"  I informed her, "That's sorta the plan."
      Well needless to say, as we approached LaSalle we were both excited.  Driving in, we attempted to guess where our relatives might have lived.  We saw the one lone convenience store, with an unusual name & really cool sign, on the "main" road.  To the left was this brick home with beautiful flowers out front.  I told Mom, "That sure looks like a Czech woman's flower bed."  Mom laughed and agreed.  On a hunch, we turned left off the "main" road as we "felt" that was the direction of the cemetery.  Sure enough, there was the cemetery and the Church.  Now, we were not sure what religion these relatives were; so we really did not know for sure we had the correct Church.  Driving up the trail through the grass, we saw a car leave from outside the cemetery fence.   Well,  to our dissapointment, when we reached the cemetery, all the gates were closed.  Can you imagine....all that trouble to get there, and we were left to simply peer in through the fence....  Next thing we know, we see the same car that had just left driving up behind us.  It had circled the church and was now approaching up the beaten path through the grass behind us.  My Mom, being the brave one in this instance, looked and saw that there was just a lady in the car.  I, being cautious, was in the process of telling her to be careful, because you never know who might be with this woman.  Before I could spit the words out, Mom jumped from the surburban and started talking to the lady in the car.  All of this happened before my brain could register what had happened.  Next thing I know, my Mom joyously exlaimed, "Oh my goodness, let me get my daughter!" 
      You're probably getting part of the picture now.....   My Mom had approached the car, asked the lady if she was from around here and if she knew "So&So Sralla."  Mom said the lady looked at her like she was crazy and then said with a quizical look on her face, "He was my brother-in-law."  She  was then pointed out that one of the gates was simply closed, and you could walk into the cemetery.  She showed us the four graves of our family members and proceeded to tell us a little background about each one.  As it turns out, the cool store on the "main" road was hers (and had also been her husband's).  And although she did not say point-blank, I'm sure the beautiful flowers between the store and what I believe was her house were hers also. 
      Is that a coincidence or what?   I just happened to take the long route to my great-grandaunt's (even though it was getting late).   Mom & I just happened to comment on one particular store and flowerbed.  We just happened to take the right road to the right cemetery.  This lady just happened to be there leaving flowers.  This lady just happened to decide to come back when she saw us stop at the cemetery (even though she had finished her business at the cemetery and should have been on her way home).  And she just happened to be the sister-in-law of the deceaded relative we were searching for.  And that relative just happened to be buried about 30 feet from where we met the lady outside the cemetery fence. 
      Now that was a awesome feeling as we were driving away with LaSalle in our rearview mirror.
      What are the odds?
    • Steve Alvarez
      Jan Your story is not as unusually as you might think. Sometimes I think they want to be found. God Bless Steve Alvarez Alvarez@brokersys.com
      Message 2 of 3 , Apr 30, 2001
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        Your story is not as unusually as you might think.   Sometimes I think they want to be found.
        God Bless
        Steve Alvarez
      • Peggy Lowrey
        LaSalle, my Dad grew up there. I spent several weeks during the summer, every year, visiting my grandparents there. The Sembera store (not my name, Sumbera)
        Message 3 of 3 , May 1, 2001
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          LaSalle, my Dad grew up there.  I spent several weeks during the summer, every year, visiting my grandparents there.
          The Sembera store (not my name, Sumbera) has always been there.  Used to be an old wooden building, more or less in the same place, but faced the same street that the church is on, instead of the railroad tracks.  Had the post office inside the store.  Used to get treats from the store when grandpa took us with him to get the mail. I still envision this old building, instead of the brick one that is now there. 
          My Sumbera grandparents attended that little Catholic church, although they are buried in town (Edna).  My aunts were, I think, all married there.  There are some old pictures and my dad was an alter boy when the church was first built.  I remember many a Saturday night bingo game at the hall next to the church, outhouses included.  And barbeques where they'd slap half a cow on those permanent grills built out there.
          The row of houses that face the church have always been there, too.  My Dad actually owns the land behind this row of houses & rents it out for farming.  Granny's (Dusek)former roommate in the rest home used to live in one of them.
          Continue down the road from the Church and turn left at the dead end.  Follow that road and right before the entrance to Bennett Park (a couple field lengths), is my grandpa's old farm.  My cousin is now living in the house. 
          Send me again, the names you're looking for & I'll forward to Dad to see if he has any stories or memories of them.  It was such a tiny community, everyone knew everyone else. 
          ps - as one who likes to research cemeteries, I DO believe that they want to be found....and people you meet while researching are always more than helpful.
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