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Invitation to Participate in the next SVU conference in Seattle

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  • lida_cope
    Dear All: I m reaching out to you as a friend of Czech and Slovak cultural heritage to make sure that you know about the upcoming regional conference sponsored
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2013
      Dear All:

      I'm reaching out to you as a friend of Czech and Slovak cultural heritage to make sure that you know about the upcoming regional conference sponsored by the SVU - Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, and to be held in Seattle, WA, at the end of the summer.I am attaching a call for proposals of presentations and would like to request that you kindly distribute it among your circles of acquaintances, supporters and others interested in Czech and Slovak matters. Please let them know that the deadline for submissions has been extended through the end of June and that we will consider any submission received in time to make the printed program.

      This conference welcomes presentations on a wide variety of subjects, including the experiences of Czech and Slovak immigrants to the United States, the organizations they founded, genealogy, culture, language, history, geography etc. 

      I hope that you consider personally participating -- we would welcome your contribution! And thank you in advance for helping spread the word among your friends!

      S poděkováním a srdečným pozdravem,

      Lida Cope

      A fellow CHST member & lover of the Texas Czech language and culture


      SVU logoCzechoslovak Society of Arts &Sciences (SVU) 2013Regional Conference, August 29-31, 2013 in Seattle, Washington


      "Czechs, Slovaks, and North America:Destination, Example, Opportunity"

                  The Czechoslovak Societyof Arts and Sciences (SVU) is pleased to announce its 2013 regional conference,to be held in the Pacific Northwest on the campus of the University of Washingtonin Seattle from August 29 to August 31, 2013 (with optional sightseeing extensionsthrough September 2).  The general themeof the conference will be "Czechs, Slovaks and North America: Destination,Example, Opportunity."

                  Papers and panelproposals are urgently solicited on a wide range of subjects in the arts,humanities, and sciences.  Proposals forcomplete panels are preferred, but individual papers will be reviewed and groupedinto panels according to the decision of the conference organizers.  General subject groupings may include: Politics,Economics, Business; Religion and Philosophy; Performing Arts; Plastic Arts;Technology and Industry; Medicine and Laboratory Science; Libraries andLibrarians; Heritage Organizations; Immigration and Emigration; History;Czech/Slovak and Slavic Studies; Czech/Slovak and Slavic Languages; LanguageTeaching; Literature and Cinema; Sport.  

                 Questions about planned submissions or the submissions process should be directed to Hugh Agnew (agnew@...) or Lida Cope (copel@...).  Email your completed submission (title and 300 word abstract) to SVUConference2013@... by June 30, 2013.

                  Full conference detailsand application forms will be published in the next issues of Zprávy, posted on the SVU website,and distributed electronically.  Paneland paper proposals may be submitted by anyone, but a lower registration feewill apply to SVU members in good standing. Information on the activities of SVU, as well as membership informationand forms, can be found at http://www.svu2000.org/.

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