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re Joseph Mikeska story and the reason we should save junk

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  • Lois Petter Pereira
    As many of you know I am a packrat. I had visited the SPJST library only once but I had picked up things here and there. We ate at a restaurant in West,Tx
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2001
      As many of you know I am a packrat. I had visited the SPJST library only
      once but I had picked up things here and there. We ate at a restaurant
      in West,Tx because my mom said some of our family ended up there. I was
      just snooping around town when I saw they were selling the newspapers
      100 edition. I bought it and put it up since there were no names I knew.
      Since I have been on this group I have learned many more names. I
      basically scanned it the other day to see if anything jumped out and lo
      and behold did it. I will try and put more things out as I am able so
      just hold on to your horses.
      Now let's talk about this story.......I was amazed how much immigrants
      story's are the same regardless as to where they came from. The
      Pereira's, Bokemeyers and Ollres came from France and Germany but they
      left their countries due to political unrest and possibilities of war.
      They ended up in Louisiana, and went through wars there, so they moved
      to Texas to avoid the Civil War and ended up right in the middle of the
      wars going on here.
      The Mikeskas go to Kansas and end up in a drought so they head back to
      Texas, stop to have a child in Indian Territory (How Scary) and end up
      in Texas again. I loved the part about Grma wielding her shotgun. I can
      visualize it. Having to bury your gold coins but having the smarts to
      drive the wagon wheel over it so you know where to dig later. I would
      forget where I buried it and then we would be up an unsanitary tributary
      without sufficient means of locumotion. These people went through hell
      for a better life and I am glad that they did otherwise we would not be
      here. ....lois

      "John L. Mikeska" wrote:

      > Lois, Thanks for the article. Very interesting reading. Noticed a
      > Mkeska marrying a Mikeska in the article, like my paternal
      > grandparents. Robert R Mikeska, who wrote the story, was one of my
      > fathers pall bearers. The two were playmates in early years, Robert
      > told me. Robert came to visit me almost every day when I was with my
      > father at the hospital 10 days until he passed away. Robert is now
      > gone, but a very nice man.Sir John
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