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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlachs ________________________________ From: George Patrick To: TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sat,
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    • George Patrick
      Thanks for posting the improved version Mike. I couldn t get my computer to cooperate so I just posted what I could. You do have a very interesting group of
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        Thanks for posting the improved version Mike.  I couldn't get my computer to cooperate so I just posted what I could.  You do have a very interesting group of ancestors.  My Stepan ancestors arrived in texas in 1855 and my Petrek (from which my Irish mother derived the surname "Patrick") ancestors arrived in 1880s.  I've done quite a bit of Texas history for them but haven't tried to do much beyond that.
        Susan, a member of our group who left the group a while back, posted an article named "Moving with the Flocks", a description of the movement from romania to Moravia and beyond.  I think I have a copy of the article so guess I will post it for the new members.  wonder what Susan is doing???
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        From: Mike
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        Thanks for posting this. Here's a link to a somewhat easier to read
        version of Dr. Kocurek's study of the Vlachs (Valachs):


        I am descended from a Blaha family that lived for over 200 years in what
        is now Huslenky (previously part of Hovezi) in Moravia. The Blahas were
        almost certainly Valachs. My earliest known Blaha ancestor was Jan
        Blaha (my eighth great grandfather) born about 1636 in Hovezi. Jan
        married Zuzana (Unknown) on 20 August 1656. That was only 12 years
        after the Protestant Valachs around Hovezi were attacked by a Habsburg
        army, resulting in the killing or execution of many of the male
        inhabitants. The Protestant Valachs around Vsetin in eastern Moravia
        were some of the last hold-outs near the end of The Thirty Years War

        It is very likely that Jan Blaha's father (name unknown) was one of the
        Valach males that was killed or executed in 1644. This unknown Blaha
        would have been my ninth great grandfather. His approximately
        eight-year-old son Jan Blaha was obviously spared. Some of the history
        of the Valachs around Hovezi/Huslenky is presented in Dr. Kocurek's

        Although I have previously posted this, here's another link to general
        information on Moravian Wallachia:


        Mike Hejl

      • rkohutek@ymail.com
        Thank you for posting this research! I have been looking for this kind of information to better understand my great-great grandfather s immigration to Texas
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          Thank you for posting this research! I have been looking for this kind of information to better understand my great-great grandfather's immigration to Texas in 1882, and to narrow the search for my European Ancestry.

          Incidentally, my great-great grandfather was Adam Kohutek (1862-1940) who married Julia Cunek (Chunek/Schuneck). I believe his father-in-law was Martin Cunek. I am looking for information on all three of these people as it pertains to siblings and parents.

          Here is another wonderful excerpt that some may find useful:

          The following was published as the lead article in Volume I of a series of books published by the Texas Czech Genealogical Society in 2005 and 2007 titled "Czech Family Histories."

          AN ACCOUNT




          James Woodrick

          pages 11 - 19

          Later in 1854 the "WESER" brought another group of Czech and Polish families to

          Texas, landing in Galveston on December 3. Czechs included Franz Blaha and family,

          Ferd. Dubsky, Maria Kotulla, Jan Kovajan and family, Franz Maniko, Jos. Matchotka,

          Franz Strade and John Zvolanek, his wife Amalia and daughter. Zvolanek was an

          ordained minister and a medical doctor. He first settled in San Falipe where he practiced

          medicine. In 1855 he began serving the early Protestant Czech settlers of the Ross Prairie

          (near Frelsburg) area as their preacher, leading certainly the first services spoken in

          Czech in Texas and perhaps the U.S.A. The Polish families founded the town of Panna

          Maria in Karnes County.

          On June 3, 1855, the Bremen brig "WESER" under Captain Vespermann landed in

          Galveston with a group of 13 Czech families primarily from the Vsetin area of eastern

          Moravia. Also on this voyage were 15 Polish families. The Czechs included:

          Vychopen, Joseph (3 persons) Ratibor

          Hribek, Paul (5 persons) Vsetin

          Bubela, Johann (6 persons) Vsetin

          Baletka, Johann (3 persons) Ratibor

          Balousek, Johann (5 persons) Ratibor

          Slovacek, Joseph (6 persons) Jasenka

          Kotrla, Paul (3 persons) Jasenka

          Cunek, Martin Vstein

          Mazac, Joseph (5 persons) Vsetin

          Simara, Stephan (5 persons) Vsetin

          Prozlednik, Joseph (3 persons) Vsetin

          Krenek, Michel (2 persons) Vikantice

          Krenek, Martin (2 persons) Vicantice

          The Bremen bark "VOV VIENKE" arrived in Galveston on June 14, 1855, with 20

          Czech families listed as from Moravia and believed to be part of the same group that

          arrived 10 days earlier on the "WESER". These families included:

          Siptak, John (3)

          Stepan, Martin (4)

          Barkzak, Stephan and wife

          Dubcak, John and wife

          Baletka, John (3)

          Mikus, John and wife

          Elsik, Joseph (4)

          Baluosek, John (5)

          Kovar, Thomas (5)

          Sebesta, Thomas (5)

          Svadlenak, Paul

          Zapalac, John (8)

          Holec, Martin (6)

          Zapalac, John and wife

          Jecmenek, Joseph (5)

          Roznoviak, John (3)

          Voytek, Martin (3)

          Galda (Kulda ?), Paul (6)

          Branecky, Joseph

          Rubac, Martin (3)

          Four Czech immigrants arrived in Galveston on July 4, 1855 on the Bremen bark

          "FRANCISCH". All are listed as from Bohemia and included Vincenz Marek (2

          persons), Cathrine Ripple and Anna Pechacek.

          A Shiller family connection is believed to have sparked emigration of a large

          number of Czechs from eastern Moravia. Among the passengers of the bark MARIA

          were Josef Shiller and his sister Rosina, wife of Josef Jezek. They had a sister Anna Silar

          who married Petr Mikeska, owner of the flour mill at Zadverice. Letters were exchanged

          between these siblings, and a group of Mikeska's and others from Zadverice soon

          followed to Texas, with Petr Mikeska and family arriving in 1855. This Shiller

          connection is further reinforced by the recollections of Clara Reymershoffer, an early

          Czech immigrant to Texas, who wrote (in "Hospodar", 1907, Volume XVIII, Number 1,

          page 93): "There was a miller lady in Zadverice who had a sister in Texas, but since

          neither of them could read or write, their correspondence was carried out by Rev.

          Bergmann here in Texas and by my father in Moravia. In those letters Rev. Bergmann,

          and especially Mrs. Bergmann, spoke so well of Texas that my parents gave priority to

          Texas even though a Mr. Majer from St. Louis did not speak well of Texas." The

          Reymershoffer, Kristofek, Kasparek and Rudlof families left Moravia in September,

          1854, for Texas. Several other families from the Vsetin region in Moravia came to Texas

          in 1855. They included three Mikeska families, Sebesta, Rubac, Roznovjek, Mikus, and

          other families. They arrived in Cat Springs and then spread to communities in Austin and

          Colorado Counties.

          The Reverend Bergman and Josef Lesikar, both of whom were prolific writers,

          continued their correspondence to Europe about the opportunities in Texas, and thus

          encouraged many more Czechs to come to Texas. Many more did indeed come in the

          period between 1855 and 1861, from both Cechy and Moravia. Among the Czechs who

          came to the Cat Spring area during this period were Jan Reimershoffer, Josef Masik,

          Bohumil Kolacny, Jakub Pachr and many others. A relatively large group of Czechs,

          mostly from Moravia, reached Texas in 1860 on the JEVERLAND. Many of these

          people settled in Fayette County. The outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 virtually

          stopped any immigration from Europe to Texas until the war ended in 1865.

          The greatest influx of Czechs to Texas was after the Civil War. The majority of

          these new settlers came from Moravia. Among those who located in Austin County,

          many were from Zadverice; but Vsetin, Frydek-Mistek, Jemnice, Chotebudice and other

          areas were also well represented. The community of Nelsonville in Austin County

          became a popular place of residence with the Czechs during this period. Many children

          was the norm for Texas Czech families at that time, and as the second generation children

          came of age many moved away from their homes in Austin, Fayette and Colorado

          Counties to other parts of Texas in search of new lands to farm. The following chart

          shows the growth of Czech population in Austin County from 1850 to 1900.


          NOTE: This origin of this document was prepared as the basis for a ten-minute

          presentation at the CZECH SYMPOSIUM, Temple, Texas, October 28, 1977, by Houston

          residents and prominent Texas Czech historians John T. Kroulik , PhD (then retired U. S.

          Army bacteriologist), Mrs. Guy Oliphint (then Executive Assistant of Denka Chemical

          Corporation) and Albert J. Blaha, Sr. , B.S. (then Assistant Construction Manager of

          International Products Petroleum and Chemical Group). An early version was printed in

          "Czech Immigration Passenger Lists – Volume 1" by Leo Baca. It was revised by John

          Kroulik in the late 1980's and has been expanded by James V. Woodrick after 1989 to

          include new information from a number of sources, especially from Frantisek Silar of the

          Czech Republic and Albert Blaha, who compiled Czech immigrant lists from mid-1850s

          ship arrivals.


          APPENDIX I

          List of Czech Passengers on the MARIA Roster as Compiled in Liverpool, England.

          AGE AGE

          1) Johann Szornowsky 38 10) Josef Maresh 30

          Rosalie Szornowsky 36 Theresa Maresh 24

          Johanna Szornowsky 12 Vincenc Maresh 3

          2) **Johannah Shiller 53? Frantiska Maresh Infant

          *Bernard Shiller 22 11) *Josef Shiller 42

          3) *Johann Shiller 35 Ann Shiller 42

          Rosalia Shiller 34 Johann(ah?) Shiller 8

          Rosalie Shiller Infant Vincenc Shiller 13

          Vincent Shiller 6 Franz Shiller 6

          Ann Shiller 3 Teresie Shiller Infant

          4) Josef Jezek 26 Ann Shiller 10

          Rosine Jezek 30 Rosalie Shiller 2

          Rosalie Jezek Infant 12) Wenzel Motyl 34

          Josef Jezek 6 Ann Motyl 31

          5) Josef Leshikar 35 Josef Motyl 6

          Ann Leshikar 37 Ann Motyl 4

          Vincenc Leshikar 10 Rosalie Infant

          +Josef Leshikar 9 13) Johann Rosler 46

          ++Theresa Leshikar 4 Karoline Rosler 29

          Anna Leshikar Infant Ferdinand Rosler 5

          6) Josef Rypl 24 Johann(ah) Rosler 3

          *Ann Rypl 31 Vedielin Rosler Infant

          Vincenc Rypl 2 Wendlin Rosler 54

          Anna or Josef Rypl Infant 14) Josef Rypl (alone) 26

          7) *Vincenc Shiller 26 15) Johann Coufal 31

          Ann Shiller 26 Veronika Coufal 30

          Josef Shiller 2 Vincenc Coufal 7

          8) *Carl Shiller 33 Anna Coufal Infant

          Ann Shiller 28 16) Anton Votava 55

          Johann Shiller 2 Antonia Votava 48

          Anna Shiller 6 Vincenc Votava 22

          9) Josef Shiller 45 Rosalie Votava 17

          *Rosalie Shiller 39 Franciska Votava 16

          Vincenz Shiller 13 17) Josef Shiller 29

          Josef Shiller 10 *Theresa Shiller 21

          Ann Shiller 9 Anna Shiller Infant

          NOTE: Asterisk (*) denotes children of Johanna Shiller

          + later raised by Palm family (became Joseph Palm)

          ++ later raised by Schneider's, married Herman Sens

          The MARIA passengers in greater detail, as researched by Frantisek Silar,


          1. Johanna SHILLER widow of Pavel Shiller from Nepomuky No. 3, daughter of

          Vojtecha Balcar from Cermna 174, born 8 September 1790.

          Bernard SHILLER her single son, born 8 November 1829.

          2. Jan SHILLER from Nepomuky No. 3, son of Pavel and Johanna Shiller, born

          15 February 1816.

          Rosalie SHILLER wife, daughter of Josef Jezek from Cermna 307, 34 years, and


          Rosalie SHILLER born 2 September 1850

          Vincenc SHILLER born 14 December 1844

          Anna SHILLER born 23 July 1848

          3. Johann SZORNOWSKY

          Rosalie Szornowsky

          Johanna Szornowsky

          4. Josef JEZEK from Cermna No. 324, age 26

          Rozina JEZEK wife, nee Shiller from Nepomuky No. 29, age 30, and children:

          Rosalie JEZEK

          Josef JEZEK 6 years

          5. Josef LESIKAR from Cermna No. 307, son of Frantisek Lesikar and Veronica

          Dusek, cousin of Josef Lidumil Lesikar, born 11 September 1816.

          Anna LESIKAR wife, daughter of Josef Jezek from Cermna No. 307, age 35, and


          Vincenc LESIKAR born 8 April 1845

          Josef LESIKAR born 12 January 1841

          Teresie LESIKAR born 8 February 1843

          Anna LESIKAR born 18 June 1847

          6. Anton VOTAVA Nepomuky, 55 years

          Anna VOTAVA wife, age 48 , and children:

          Vincenc VOTAVA age 22

          Rosalie VOTAVA age 17

          Frantiska VOTAVA age 16

          7. Josef RYPL Nepomuky No. 19, born 14 May 1827

          Ann RYPL, daughter of Pavel and Johanna Shiller from Nepomuky No. 3, born 22 June

          1820, and children:

          Vincenc RYPL born 3 February 1849

          Anna RYPL born 5 July 1851

          Josef RYPL born 5 July 1851

          8. Josef SHILLER Nepomuky No. 7, born 16 AUG 1830

          Teresie SHILLER wife, daughter of Pavel and Johanna Shiller from Nepomuky No. 3,

          born 5 OCT 1822, and child:

          Anna SHILLER born 8 June 1850

          9. Vincenc SHILLER son of Pavel and Johanna Shiller from Nepomuky No. 3,

          born 22 MAY 1825.

          Anna SHILLER wife, Nepomuky No. 6, born 20 NOV 1826, and children:

          Josef SHILLER age 2

          Vincenc SHILLER born 20 DEC 1850

          10. Karel SHILLER Nepomuky No. 12, son of Pavel and Johanna Shiller, born 15

          JUN 1818.

          Anna SHILLER wife, nee Rypl, born 14 MAR 1824, and children:

          Jan SHILLER born 16 JAN 1850

          Anna SHILLER born 9 OCT 1845

          11. Josef RYPL Nepomuky, born 30 OCT 1826

          12. Josef SHILLER Nepomuky No. 3, son of Pavel Shiller and Kateriny Markove

          from Nepomuky No. 7, born 24 SEP 1805

          Rosalie SHILLER wife, daughter of Pavel and Johanna Shiller from Nepomuky No. 3,

          born 30 MAR 1812, and children:

          Vincenc SHILLER born 28 JAN 1837

          Josef SHILLER born 20 APR 1839

          Anna SHILLER born 18 MAY 1841

          13. Josef MARES Cermna No. 140, age 30

          Teresie MARES wife, nee Shiller, age 24, and children:

          Vincenc MARES age 3

          Frantiska MARES ---

          14. Josef SHILLER Albrectice, son of Pavel and Johanna Shiller, Nepomuky No. 3,

          born 14 MAR 1810.

          Anna SHILLER second wife, nee RYPL, Nepomuky No.15, born 6 AUG 1817, and


          Jan SHILLER born 20 AUG 1843

          Vincenc SHILLER born 18 MAR 1838

          Frantisek SHILLER born 1 NOV 1845

          Teresie SHILLER born 24 JAN 1851

          Anna SHILLER born 8 NOV 1839

          Rosalie SHILLER born 6 JAN 1849

          15. Vaclav MOTL Cermna, born 1817

          Anna MOTL wife, nee Shiller from Nepomuky No.17, born 1820, and children:

          Josef MOTL age 6

          Anna MOTL age 4

          Rosalie MOTL ---

          16. Jan RESLER Dolni Hermanice, age 46

          Karolina RESLER wife, age 29, and children:

          Ferdinand RESLER age 5

          Jan RESLER age 3

          Vendelin RESLER ---

          17. Jan COUFAL Cermna No. 234, born 1820

          Veronika COUFAL wife, nee Lesikar from Herbortice, born 1821, and children:

          Vincenc COUFAL born 1844

          Jan COUFAL born 1846

          Anna COUFAL born 1849

          APPENDIX II

          Bark SUWA - Captain D. Schwarz

          Left Bremerhaven Nov. 11, 1853

          Arrived Galveston Dec. 23, 1853

          84 Entries 206 Persons

          New Braunfels Zeitung 13.1.1854


          Bano, Heinrich - from Berlin

          Bode, Joachim - from Berlin

          Brunner, Johann- from Dresden

          Bunte, Family - from Braunschweig, 7 persons

          Carstens, Maria - from Oldenburg

          Caufel, Amalie - from Vienna

          Crach, Gustav - from Kassel, 5 persons

          Diedrich, Maria - from Kassel

          Dreves, Carl - from Berlin

          Ezermack, Franz - from Vienna, 3 persons

          Grote, F. W. - from Berlin

          Hartman, Wilh, and Dor. - from Hanover

          Heine, Fried. - from Hannover

          Herzger, Edward - from Dresden

          Hochen, Heinrich - from Hannover

          Hopper, Heinrich - from Hannover

          Huber, Christian - from Wittenberg

          Janecek, Wenzel and Anna - from Vienna

          Jires, Family - from Vienna, 3 persons

          Juergens, Eriedrich - from Hannover

          Junk, Sigismund - from Berlin

          Kaule, Gotthelf - from Berlin

          Kittel, Hernlan and Christiane - from Berlin

          Klein, Family - from Berlin, 5 persons

          Klober, Susanna - from Darmstadt, 5 persons

          Klunker, Family - from Berlin, 3 persons

          Kohl, Louis and Wilhme.- from Altenburg

          Kroalik, Johann and Anna - from Vienna (mother and son)

          Leschikar, Family -from Vienna,11 persons (2 families)

          Lohmalln, Friedke - from Berlin

          Lubbbert, Wilh. - from Detmold

          Maak,Dorothea - from Berlin

          Mandel, Family - from Hannover, 5 persons

          Maresch, Family - from Vienna, 6 persons

          Meier, Heinrlch - from Hannover

          Mittler, Johann F. - from Munich

          Moeller, Johann - from Berlin

          Moreck, Franz - from Vienna

          Muschke, Gustav - from Berlin

          Ober, Philip - from Berlin

          Obermeier, Johann H. - from Berlin

          Ochs, Family - from Kassel, 4 persons

          Paulicec, Franz - from Vienna

          Pechack, Family - from Vienna, 9 persons

          Peglich, Johann - from Cassel

          Plasmann, Louise and 2 children - from Berlin

          Pommervenke, Wilh. - from Dresden

          Puls, F. and Friedke - from Berlin

          Rabe, Johanna - from Braunschweig

          Rausch, Hein. and Cath. - from Cassel

          Rebentisch, C. F. - from Cassel

          Reifer, Emil - from Cassel

          Ribbel, Franziska - from Vienna

          Rieke, Johann - from Berlin

          Riemenschneider, Val. - from Cassel

          Rippel, Franz - from Vienna

          Rittel, Herman and Christianae - from Berlin

          Ruprecht, Robert - from Berlin

          Ruschek, Franz and Mariane - from Vienna

          Sattler, Wilh. - from Berlin

          Schaper, Christian - from Hannover

          Schilde, J. G. - from Berlin

          Schiller, Family - from Vienna, 38 persons

          Schmldkamp, Bernh. - from Berlin

          Schneider, Family - from Berlin, 8 persons

          Schoke, Wilh. - from Hannover

          Schulze, Johanna - from Berlin

          Scheen, F. - from Hannover

          Segger, Fried. - from Hannover

          Selzack, Johann and Anna - from Vienna

          Sieghorst, Carl L. - from Berlin

          Slege, Hinerich - from Hannover

          Soellner, Dor. - from Berlin

          Strunke, Hein. and Johanna - from Berlin

          Taiber, Joseph and Cath. - from Vienna

          Tiekoetter, Family - from Berlin, 4 persons

          Tresimer, Carl - from Berlin

          Veinhorn, Family - from Hannover, 6 persons

          Voessek, August - from Berlin

          Vogt, Wilg. and Henriette - from Berlin

          Wiegel, Christian - from Braunschweig

          Wittbecker, Wilh. - from Berlin

          Zachas, Joseph - from Vienna

          Bark SUWA Surnames of the Czechs

          Caufel - Coufal

          Czernak - Cermak

          Janecek - Janecek

          Jirasch - Jires

          Kroalik - Kroulik

          Leschikar - Lesikar (Leshikar)

          Maresch - Mares (Maresh)

          Moreck - Marek

          Paulicec - Pavlicek

          Pechack - Pechacek

          Ribbel - Rypl (Ripple)

          Rippel - Rypl (Ripple)

          Ruschek - Not Verified

          Sachasch - Not Verified

          Schiller - Silar (Shilar, Shiller)

          Selzack - Slezak

          Taiber - Tauber
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