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Re: Responce to Rye Bread

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  • robert veselka
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2000
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      robert veselka wrote:

      > The description I will try --the sourdough starter I believe is
      > correct.
      > yes it was a nice dense loaf, medium brown in color the caraway seed
      > may
      > have made it look a little darker but it was not dark like pumpernikel.
      > and the cooking method was on a large round piece of tin , my dad made
      > it but
      > in todays pans you could call it a cookie sheet .. The loaf was 16 or
      > 18 inches in
      > diamater and probably 6 inches in the center tall. I remeber she
      > painted it with a fether
      > brush either while it was baking or when it was finnished I do not
      > remeber which for sure
      > however she used to tell me that was to keep it from cracking.
      > She also made ( roleke ) the spelling is probably wrong however I will
      > try to describe
      > them I do know she used the same Rye Bread receipe and placed the doe
      > in half moon
      > shapes on the tin again painted them with the fether brush and with
      > what ingredient
      > I do not know how ever then sprinkled more caraway seed and then
      > sprinkled coarse
      > ground salt similar to crushed rock salt ( ice cream salt ) and a
      > little more coarse then Maragreta salt and these were to die for .
      > The Rye and Wheat was made buy Pillsbury and that was the only flour
      > she would use
      > she tried others after moving to Corpus Christi but none worked for her
      > and she had
      > relitatives send it from Cicero Ill.
      > Robert Veselka
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