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  • George Patrick
    Good Morning Bea, My mailing address is: 5011 Joshua Court Austin, Tx 78744 I would like copies of the pictures you took in Moravia. Hope you had a nice
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          Good Morning Bea,
      My mailing address is:
      5011 Joshua Court
      Austin, Tx  78744
      I would like copies of the pictures you took in Moravia. 
      Hope you had a nice thanksgiving and wish you the best during the coming Christmas celebrations.     God Bless and take care.
      George Patrick
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      From: Bea Rost
      Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 7:58 AM
      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] RE: Miss the Chatty times



      Good Morning!  I will be needing your mailing address as I will be sending you actual photos taken in Hornie Becva CR and some detail  about the area next week.  AS to how to spell this surname... Martinak..Martinek...Martinec...  Per Dr Simicek it is said that various endings to the name MARTIN are any of those mentioned and it is not known if actual relationships exist accordingly.  Also how surnames are spelled could have been  determined at the time of immigration.  My family's surname which we claim to be Martinak is also Martinak in the catholic church in Hornei Becva.


      On Nov 16, 2011, at 7:37 PM, Bea Rost wrote:


      I will get back to you, George, just give me  little time.   Bea

      On Nov 15, 2011, at 8:40 AM, George Patrick wrote:


      Thanks for the info. Bea.  I am attaching some information about my Grandmother Mary Stepan who married Frank Petrek.  Two of my grandmother's siblings married people with the surname "Martinec".  Could this be a spelling variation of "Martinak"?  Other than the Frank Poncik marriage to my grandmother's youngest sister I don't see any other connections.
      I would appreciate copies of the pictures because I have found very little information about Horni Becva on the net.  Thanks for the reply.

      Martin Stepan

      Martin Stepan Sr. was born February 12, 1826 , and came to Texas from Hostalkova , Moravia . His wife, Bozena (Bessie) Zapalac, was born in 1836, and came from Kro­zenkova, Czechoslovakia . They settled at Wesley , Texas , and farmed there. Martin died in 1898 and Bessie died in 1906. They are buried at Wesley.

      Their son, Martin Jr. born May 7, 1859 , at Ross Prai­rie, Fayette County , moved to Austin County and settled near Bleiberville with his parents. Martin Jr. married in 1883, Mary Zabcik, born in 1861, near Cat Spring, Austin County, and in 1890 they moved to Bell County and settled near Ocker. There they purchased 100 acres which they cleared, farmed and lived on all their lives.

      Stepan was a charter member of the Ocker Lodge #1 of the Farmers Mutual Protective Association (R.V.O.S.) which formed April 6,1901 . He served as director of the lodge, and also served as treasurer of Flag Hall, SPJST Lodge #24 for over 20 years. He was a trustee of North Elm School for a number of years, was self-educated and could speak four languages: Czech, German, English and Spanish. Stepan was one of the founders of the Ocker Brethren Church and served as elder and was one of the first delegates to be sent to the church convention.

      The entire Stepan family were members ofOcker Breth­ren Church , the children were all confirmed there and two of the children, Adolph and Ella Poncik, are still members of this church.

      Martin and Mary Zabcik Stepan had 15 children:

      1. *Mary (b. Dec. 29, 1883 ) married *Frank Petrek.

      2. *John (b. Feb. 8,1886 ) married *Lucy Petrek.

      3. *MartinJ. (b. July 15, 1887 ) married *Cecelia Vin­gler.

      4.Joe (b. Sept. 5,1889 ) married Rosie Martinec. They are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery at Temple .

      5. “‘Annie (b. Dec. 30, 1890 ) married *William Koppa.

      6. Frank R. (b. Apr. 23, 1892 ) married Lydia Mar­tinec. They are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery at Temple .

      7. William (Will) (b. May 29, 1894 ) married Millie Broz (Brosch). They are buried at Rosenburg , Texas .

      8. Charlie (b. Oct. 15, 1895 ) married Olga Matulik. They are buried at Cyclone.

      9. *Alf~~d (b. Nov. 9,1897 ) married Lydia Schiller.

      10. Amalie (b. Feb. 12, 1900 ) marriedJohnnie Fritsch, and they live in Corpus Christi .

      11. Rudolph (b. Jan. 27, 1903 ) married Annie Laza. They are buried at Seaton.

      12. Adolph (b. Sept. 10, 1904 ) married Fannie Schiller. They live at Zabcikville.

      13. Ella (b. Nov. 19, 1906 ) married Frank Poncik and lives in Rogers .

      *Mary Zabcik Stepan died January 25, 1928 , and

      *Martin died November 10, 1935 .

      *Buried, Ocker Cemetery

      Submitted by Juanita Stepan Cable

      Note:  This article was printed in the book "A History of Bell County, Texas, Vol. I and Vol. II".

      Note:  The additional information  about the children of Martin and Marie  Stepan was prepared   by Pat marek Hejl as seen   in her Zabcik Family tree.

      6.  MARIE3 ZABCIK (JAN2, MARTIN1) was born 1861 in Cat Springs, Austin County, Texas, and died January 24, 1928 in Bell County , Texas .  She married MARTIN

      STEPAN January 14, 1883 in Welcome, Washington County , Texas at home of Mr. Jan Zabcik by Jindrich Juren, Evangelical Pastor14, son of MARTIN STEPAN and

      BOZENA ZAPALAC.  He was born May 07, 1859 in Ross Prairie, Fayette County , TX15, and died November 10, 1935 .

      More About MARIE ZABCIK:

      Burial: Ocker Cemetery , Bell County , Texas , Rev. Josef Hegar

      More About MARTIN STEPAN:

      Burial: Ocker Cemetery , Bell County , TX by Rev. Josef Barton

      Marriage Notes for MARIE ZABCIK and MARTIN STEPAN:

      Maried by Authority of License dated December 29, 1882 from County Court at Brenham. Witnesses: Jan Kadlecek and Jan Zabcik.

      Children of MARIE ZABCIK and MARTIN STEPAN are:

                         i.       MARIE (MARY)4 STEPAN, b. December 29, 1883, Brenham, Washington County, Texas16; d. July 14, 1964, Bell County, Texas; m. FRANK

      PETREK; b. January 15, 188117; d. October 27, 193117.

      Notes for MARIE (MARY) STEPAN:

      Christening sponsors: Jan Zabcik and wife, Frantiska.

      More About MARIE (MARY) STEPAN:

      Christening: February 19, 1884 , At the home of Mr. Psencik by Jindrich Juren, Evangelical Pastor18

      More About FRANK PETREK:

      Burial: Ocker Cemetery , Bell County , Texas

                        ii.       FRANTISKA ALBINA STEPAN, b. January 14, 1885 , Welcome, Austin County , Texas18; d. July 30, 188518.


      Christening sponsors: Jan Zabcik and wife, Frantiska.


      Burial: July 31, 1885 , Evangelical Cemetery at Wesley by Jindrich Juren, Evangelical Pastor18

      Christening: March 29, 1885 , Evangelical Church at Wesley by Jindrich Juren, Evangelical Pastor18

      22.            iii.       JOHN CHARLES (JAN KAREL) STEPAN, b. February 08, 1886 , Welcome, Austin County , Texas ; d. October 13, 1981 , Lavaca County , TX .

      23.            iv.       MARTIN J. STEPAN, b. July 15, 1887 , Welcome, Austin County , Texas ; d. March 06, 1961 .

                        v.       VILHEM JAROSLAV STEPAN, b. September 20, 1888 , Welcome, Austin County , Texas18.


      Christening sponsors: Jan Zabcik and wife, Frantiska.


      Christening: October 06, 1888 , Evangelical Church at Wesley by Bohuslav Lacjak, Evangelical Pastor18

      24.            vi.       JOSEF ALFRED STEPAN, b. September 05, 1889 , Welcome, Austin County , Texas ; d. January 04, 1962 , Kings Daughters Hospital , Temple ,

      Bell County , TX .

                      vii.       ANNA STEPAN, b. January 30, 1891 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas18; d. 1934; m. WILLIAM KOPPA19.

      Notes for ANNA STEPAN:

      Christening sponsors: Jan Zabcik and wife, Frantiska.

      More About ANNA STEPAN:

      Christening: July 19, 1891 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas by Bohuslav Lacjak, Evangelical Pastor20

      25.          viii.       FRANK (FRANTISEK) R STEPAN, b. April 23, 1892 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas .

      26.             ix.       WILLIAM (VILEM) ADOLPH STEPAN, b. May 29, 1894 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas ; d. August 05, 1958 , Rosenburg , TX .

      27.              x.       KARL VINCENC STEPAN, b. October 16, 1895 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas ; d. July 28, 1983 , Bell County , TX .

                        xi.       ALFRED THEODOR STEPAN, b. November 09, 1897 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas21; d. December 29, 1966 , Bell County , TX22.


      Christening sponsors: Jan Zabcik and wife, Frantiska.


      Christening: November 28, 1897 , Ocker, Bell County , Texas by Anton Motycka, Pastor23

                       xii.       AMALIE M. STEPAN, b. February 12, 1900 .

      28.           xiii.       RUDOLPH STEPAN, b. January 27, 1903 .

                      xiv.       ADOLPH R STEPAN24, b. September 10, 1904; m. FANNIE SCHILLER24; d. August 15, 1971, Bell County, TX25.

      29.            xv.       ELLA F. STEPAN, b. November 19, 1906 ; d. November 11, 1997 .

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      From: Bea Rost
      Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 7:17 PM
      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] RE: Miss the Chatty times


      Good Evening, George,

      I do not find any Petreks in my Martinak family.  I certainly don't claim to know a lot about my Martinak family though.  I kinda am familiar with family names since immigration in 1861 but prior to that I know very little.

      The immigrant Martinak parents were Jan Sr and Anna Baros* Martinak.  Jan's parents were Veronika Tretina and Jan Martinak.  Anna's parent's were Vaclav and Katerina Baros.  They arrived in Frelsburg in 1861 with children Anna who eventually married Frank Walla Sr; Maria wo married Maxmillian Pivonka; John Martinak Sr (my great-grandfather) who married Christina Supak...then Mary Sana; Barbara who married Paul Supak...then Frederick Beran; and then born in the U S A were Joseph who married Frances Jaschek; Frances, a twin to Josephine married Frank Janisch; Josephine who married Joseph Noska; Christine who married Frank Baros; and  Johanna who married Vincent Krenek.

      From this family picture evolves my own history out of John and Christina Supak Martinak to my grandarents Frank Martinak and Mary  Krebs; to my parents Esther Martinak and Erwin Stoerner; then I, Beatrice Jeanette "Bea" Stoerner and my husband Dan Rost; and to our son Jeff Rost and wife, Carolyn Poncik.  Jeff and Carolyn have no children.  

      I did take pictures at the Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Hornei Becva as well as at the cemetery there where I found many Martinak burials.  I have some photos of the countryside.  I would be glad to share.  Let me know.

      *Anna Baros is information from Dr Simicek...I  have earlier recorded this mother name to be Anna Brosch.  I have no way of knowing which is correct.

      Bea Rost

      On Nov 12, 2011, at 10:10 AM, George Patrick wrote:


      Good Morning Bea,
      I noticed you visited Hornei Becva.  My Petrik family came from there in the 1880s.  My Great Grandparents were the original immigrants along with my grandfather who was one year of age when they immigrated.  They were Ondrej and Hermina Petrik (name changed or americanized to Andrew and Hermina Petrek) and their first child, my grandfather Frank Gabriel Petrek.  Frank married Mary Stepan whose parents were from Hostal Kova.  My father, born rudolf Jan Petrek, was the third child of four sons and one daughter all born in texas.  So, I am second generation Moravian.
      My father married my mom in Bell Co., Tx.Her family were a combination of Irish, German, english, and my folks relocated to Calhoun county, Tx in the 1940s where, at my mom's insistance, changed their surname to "Patrick"  So, I was born Petrek and lived as a Patrick.  Guess that was common during the war with Germany?
      Do you notice any relationships among any of these Horni Becva folks?
      George Patrick (aged 75, in case the years of immigration don't add up)
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      From: Bea Rost
      Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 9:34 AM
      Subject: [TexasCzechs] RE: Miss the Chatty times


      I have enjoyed hearing from all of you.

      I, too, have endured the deaths of my dad, my Dan, and my mom in the
      last years. It has been a difficult time of grief for me and at
      times I felt as though I would not be able to live on, BUT, Love Does
      Live On and the joys and good memories take top priority now.

      You all have helped me so much in my searching for my Martinak and
      Supak families and several months ago I had the privilege of visiting
      in the Czech Republic and visiting the villages of Hornei Becva and
      Novy Hronzenkov, where my families came from.

      I wish all of you special blessings in this partiotic weekend as we
      express special thanksgiving for our veterans, in the Season of
      Traditional American Thanksgiving just ahead, special joys in The
      Celebration of Christ's Birth, goodness in Year 2012, and let us all
      continue our prayers for the much needed rain for all of creation.

      Bea Rost, La Grange

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