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Re: [TexasCzechs] Rek Hill, Fayette County, Texas

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  • Lois Petter Pereira
    Bea thanks for the info. I love stuff like this plus it mentions the ancestors names. If you get time can you also look up another one. I have seen Pisek and
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      Bea thanks for the info. I love stuff like this plus it mentions the
      ancestors names. If you get time can you also look up another one. I
      have seen Pisek and the Pisek community when I was doing the obits and I
      am curious about it. Where is it? lois

      danbea@... wrote:

      > FAYETTE COUNTY, TEXAS HERITAGE, VOLUME I, published in 1996, gives
      > information about Rek Hill, Texas and I quote as follows:
      > The small community of Rek Hill is located three miles east of
      > Fayetteville on Highway 159. It was settled in 1883 when Ignac Rek
      > and
      > Jerry Roland purchased 50 acres of land which today is known as the
      > Joe
      > Sladek Dairy.
      > Ignac Rek, his sons, Ignac, Frank, John and Joe, and a daughter, Mary,
      > moved in and cleared the timberland.
      > During these years meat was plentiful in the area. There were deer,
      > wild turkeys, wild hogs, squirrels, rabbits, and plenty of fish in the
      > Cummins Creek.
      > The people started moving in and built their homes on higher ground
      > while the bottom land near the Cummins Creek was used for farming.
      > Some
      > of the first settlers were Knebliks, Orsaks, Kovars, Bacas, Zapalacs,
      > Konvickas, and two German families, the Frank Kurtz and Louis Mueller
      > families.
      > In 1895, the settlers gathered and built a school known as the Slovan-
      > Bordovice School. John J. Kovar, Sr. and JohnKneblick gave three
      > acres
      > of land for the school. The school was located where the homes of
      > Mrs.
      > Robert J. Kovar, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kovar, Jr., and son
      > now
      > stand or in the vicinty.
      > Pete Kneblik built a store in 1892. The only mark left of this store
      > is
      > the concrete cistern at Rek Hill at the Joe Sladek Dairy.
      > In 1895, a cotton gin was built by Louis Mueller. In later years it
      > was
      > bought by John P. Kovar and later by E. V. Kovar, both of
      > Fayetteville.
      > E. V. Kovar later demolished it.
      > In 1908, John Rek built a blacksmith shop and also help Ignac Rek
      > build
      > the grocery store. In later years it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs.
      > Ernest Watson. Watson demolished the blacksmith shop and he and his
      > wife operated the store. The late Mrs. Watson was the daughter of
      > John
      > Rek.
      > The settlement to many is known as Bordovice because most of the
      > settlers came from the old country area of Bordovice, Moravia.
      > Note: This story was submitted for publication in this history book
      > by
      > Mrs. Lewis Bertling and she states it was taken from an article
      > written
      > by Mrs. Lewis Bertling in the New Ulm Enterprise several years ago and
      > printed in "A Short History of Fayetteville, Texas and Surrounding
      > Communities".
      > And taken from the same book, the history of Roznov, Also called
      > Halamicek, states and I quote: The gin was owned by George Weikel,
      > and
      > the blacksmith shop by John Rek. (Note this refers to the time
      > period
      > about 1885.)
      > Then when I read in FAYETTE COUNTY: PAST & PRESENT about Baca's
      > Musical
      > History written by Marianna Wallace the first two paragraphs of that
      > story read as follows and I quote:
      > Czechoslovakia, the origin of the Baca family, is filled with lovers
      > of
      > music, both Bohemian and Moravian folktunes and dance music. The Baca
      > name has been connected with music since the "Baca Beat" began in
      > Czechoslovakia.
      > In 1860, the Bacas set sail for the land of the free rather than
      > having
      > to pledge allegiance to the Austrian Emperor. Joseph Baca and his
      > family landed in Galveston, moved up-state and settled near
      > Fayetteville. Later the area became known as Bordovice, after their
      > home town.
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