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Re: Pamatnik Book Translaton and typing?

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  • Laura
    Patrick Janis is the one who scanned and made the book available to the rest of us via the Internet. He has been a member of our group since 2000. He is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2011
      Patrick Janis is the one who scanned and made the book available to the rest of us via the Internet. He has been a member of our group since 2000. He is listed on the membership page, so I assume he still is with us.

      Patrick is also one of the founders of the Texas Czech Genealogical Society having served as it's first president, and currently serves as co-president along with Charlene Hurta.

      Here is what he wrote to the TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com on May 10, 2000 (regarding the Pamatnik Project):

      "Hello TexasCzechers,

      I have a request and want to make a point of clarification. First,
      the clarification. The PAMATNIK ONLINE PROJECT is NOT a project of
      the Czech Heritage Society - it is a project of the Texas Czech
      Genealogy Publishing Group. It is in no way promoted or sponsored by
      the Czech Heritage Society. I have merely used this eGroup list as a
      forum for providing information about the project to those who may be

      Secondly, I'd like to get some help with the indexing. I have only
      30 more pages to digitize and plan to have the whole book online by
      Friday. But making the index will take much longer. I am looking
      for a few who are interested in helping with this portion of the
      project. Please email me privately at pjjanis@... if you
      would like to help. If I can get seven volunteers, we can each take
      25 pages and be done quickly. I'll give you the details after I hear
      from you.

      Thanks for your consideration, Patrick"

      Also, the Texas Czechs Genealogical Society printed the following in their 2009 Workshop brochure:

      "Current personal projects in progress include: English translation of the Pamatnik book; Czechs of Brazoria County; They Gave Their Best-Now They Rest in St. Cyril and Methodius Cemetery, Damon, Texas; They Gave Their Best-Now They Rest in Guy, Fort Bend County, Cemetery; They Gave Their Best-Now They Rest in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Ellis County, in Ennis, Texas; and Czech Memorials."

      However, the 'Pamatnik Project' is not listed on the current TCGS website list of projects. Perhaps Mr. Patrick could bring us up to date on this subject.

      Lolly Petter Pilgrim

      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, FREDERICK J JANECEK <janecekwi@...> wrote:
      >  Translation and typist?  Is there anyone willing to type some of the pages of
      > the Pamatnik book in the Czech (The marking on the letters can be omitted). 
      > Then paste the content into
      > http://translate.google.com/#
      > Then copy and paste the results and post to Texas Czechs
      > <TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com>.  There are some of us could then take this
      > translation and compare with the original Czech.  Then with the help of grammars
      > and dictionaries come up with a better translation.
      > I would suggest one pare at a time.
      > First page 3.
      > Then 7, 9.  Most pages are pictures with names.
      > I am not too good at keyboarding.
      > Thanks.
      >  Pamatnik Book 
      > http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~czech/pamatnik.html
      > > By clicking on the page one will be linked to that page.
      > > 
      > >Accordingly, the book was published by "The National Printing Company" of
      > >Rosenburg, Texas.  (I doubt if they exist anymore.) The book was put together by
      > >Joseph Bunata fo Ennis, Texas.  (See "Credits" on page 2)
      > > 
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