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Marek Roll Call, info from Pat Marek Hejl

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  • George Patrick
    Good Evening Marek Researchers, Below is some Marek information I received from Pat about her Marek ancestry. My grandfather, Frank gabriel Petrek, had two
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2011
      Good Evening Marek Researchers,
      Below is some Marek information I received from Pat about her Marek ancestry.  My grandfather, Frank gabriel Petrek, had two younger sisters who married Marek men and she was helping me locate some information about them.  I am sure she doesn't mind if I share this information with other Marek researchers.
      Only my paternal ancestery is Czech. My father, Frank Joseph Marek, Jr. b. Nov. 15, 1908 in Zabcikville, TX, d. March 15, 2002, m. Mozelle Patton on August 30, 1932. Frank's maternal gr grandfathers were: Jan Zabcik b. January 10, 1810 in Ratibor, Moravia and Martin Zabcik, b. June 24, 1823 in Ratibor (Jan and Martin were brothers). See the Zabcik Family Tree on the web site for their descendants.
      My father's paternal gr grandparents were Josef Marek, b. December 6, 1828 in Cermna, Bohemia. He married Terezie Chaloupka on Feb. 16, 1858. Terezie was born August 2, 1829 in Cermna.  Issue:
      Teodor , b. Oct. 17, 1852, d. Dec. 20, 1853
      Josef R , b. June 13, 1856, immigrated to New York on the Habsburg on Nov. 9, 1882 (my line)
      Frances , b. Oct. 26, 1857, married a Majer. Had one son, Charlie, no other information
      Rosalia , b. April 24, 1860, no information
      Frantisek (Frank), b. April 26, 1862, no information (too many Franks!)
      Rosalie, b. July 5, 1864, no information
      Cenek (Vincenc), b. Nov. 22, 1866, d. Dec. 8, 1866
      Karel, b. October 26, 1868, d. Nov. 15, 1939, Mineola in Wood County, TX, married Anna Bednar, Nov. 26, 1891 in Nelsonville, TX
      Vinc (Cenek), b. Feb. 25, 1871, d. July 4, 1926, Port Lavaca, TX, m. Vlasta Opravil, Nov. 23, 1893 in Travis County, TX
      Josef R. married Filomena Marek. Josef R. d. October 18, 1936 and is buried in Ocker Brethren Cemetery. Filomena died Jan. 17, 1936 and is buried in Ocker Brethren Cemetery.   Issue:
      Josef Lee Marek, b. Sept 22, 1875 in Cermna
      Frank Joseph Marek, Sr. (my grandfather), b. Feb. 12, 1884, Industry, TX
      Dad's maternal gr grandparents (this gets confusing since they were both Mareks) were Jan Marek, b. March 7, 1826 in Cermna. He married Terezie Schillar. Terezie, b. August 16, 1832 in Cermna. Issue:
      Filomena, b. October 16, 1854 in Cermna, m. Josef R. Marek (my line)
      Marie (Mary), b. Sept. 14, 1856, no information
      Teresie, b. July 27, 1858, no information
      Jan, b. February 7, 1860, married Rosalie Minarcik
      Lidmila (Ludmila), b. June 17, 1863, married Frank V. Marek; married Karel Rippel
      Anna, b. June 15, 1865, no information
      Teresie, b. Sept. 17, 1870, no information
      Josef F., b. March 19, 1872, married Rosalie Marie Koslovsky
      Frank Joe Emil, b. Nov. 28, 1879, married Emilia Martinec
      I have some information on some of the descendants of these families. Contact me if you have any of these names in your trees.
      Maybe this will help (or possibly confuse you even more):
      My father's maternal grandparents were Jan Zabcik and Florence (Zabick) Zabcik--cousins.
      His paternal grandparents were Josef R. Marek and Filomena (Marek) Marek--cousins.
      Pat Marek Hejl"
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