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Bernadette out of Critical Care

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  • Ray J. Bacak
    Bernadette was released from Critical Care on Wednesday morning and sent to a private room (4435 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bryan). Yesterday an MRI was done
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2010
      Bernadette was released from Critical Care on Wednesday morning and sent to a private room (4435 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bryan).  Yesterday an MRI was done to evaluate her tail bone, results were not real conclusive, so a cat scan was done today.  She does have an infection in the tail bone, but the bone should be viable and no further surgery on it should be required.  A biopsy will be done to zero in on the bacteria that needs to be fought with IV antibiotics.  All of her vitals are doing OK, but last evening she had an anxiety episode and her breathing got real bad.  She had a breathing treatment and slept through the night with her own bi-pap.  We really don’t have an answer as to why she had the serious CO2 poisoning attack that landed her in the Critical Care Unit, perhaps it was precipitated by her anxiety at this continuing saga.  She awoke in pretty good spirits this morning and was really elated to see that her sense of taste had started to return.  She ate relatively well for lunch and seemed to enjoy her meal.  We will have to await the bone biopsy, which we believe will be done in the room, then await the culture.  It appears we will be in the hospital until at least Monday, and then hopefully arrangements can be made with a home health care agency to help facilitate the IVs and handle the wound vac bandage changing.   We have been told that getting that bone healthy is key to continued healing of her sacral wound.  The thought of spending December and perhaps Christmas in the hospital is not very appealing.  Please continue in praying for her healing and also her determination to fight this fight.  It has been a roller-coaster and I know she is tiring of the ups and downs.
      Ray Bacak
    • chefanita@classicnet.net
      Great news Ray! Tell Ms. Bernadette we re thinking about her. Anita Prazak Pampered Chef Consultant 979/200-9105 chefanita@classicnet.net
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 3, 2010

        Great news Ray!  Tell Ms. Bernadette we're thinking about her. 

        Anita Prazak
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