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Article about beginnings of Shiner cemeteries

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  • Matt Cross
    Shiner Gazette, 8 Jun 1911 The Shiner Cemetery – A Brief History. About twenty years ago, the little town of Shiner, then in its infancy, realized the fact
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      Shiner Gazette, 8 Jun 1911


      The Shiner Cemetery – A Brief History.


      About twenty years ago, the little town of Shiner , then in its infancy, realized the fact that it was necessary to provide a resting place for loved ones passing away instead of taking them to other cemeteries for burial.


      The K. of P. and O. D. H. S. lodges bought a tract of land and had it fenced for a burial place for those passing from earth’s life to the great beyond.


      In looking over an old copy of the Gazette, published in 1893, I find the editor speaks of having visited the cemetery that week. He describes it as being divided into three parts, K. of P., O. D. H. S. and Catholic. He mentions the grass having been mowed and some beautiful monument erected. Continuing he says: “The first tomb as you enter the enclosure is Mrs. Pfeil. Near the middle of the K. of P. part stands a marble shaft to the memory of Ernst Meitzen. A little further up from this grave is a mound covered with flowers where rests the remains of beloved Stella Flato, the flowers speaks so eloquently of love and sacred regard accorded her by parents, friends and school mates.


      The part owned by the K. of P. lodge is next to the road has eleven graves. Further on is the O. D. H. S. part. Here is buried little Max Wolters, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Wolters. Nearby is buried Edwin Otto Koehler. There are eight graves in this part of the cemetery.


      The third part is the Catholic cemetery, enclosed to itself. There are twenty graves here, side by side, but only one marked by a stone. This is the grave of Barbora Bartek.”


      This is what the cemetery was eighteen years ago. Let us compare it with the cemetery of today. Not only is the grass kept mowed but blooming flowers and shrubs greet the eye in every part and many stately trees furnish shade and seem to invite you to stop beneath their branches to rest and meditate in that quiet, peaceful place so sacred to all who have loved ones there.


      That silent city of the dead seems to have kept pace with the living city, for beautiful monuments are to be seen in every part of the grounds and the lots have almost all been taken until it has become necessary to buy more land to be laid off in lots when needed.


      In 1900, all persons interested in the cemetery were requested, through the local paper, to meet at the opera house the first Friday in June. A number of ladies came together that day and organized the Union Cemetery Association with fifty members. Mrs. Eliza Welhausen was chosen president, Mrs. Annie Habermacher vice president, Mrs. C. H. Flato treasurer and Mrs. Henrietta Welhausen secretary. The office of both vice president and secretary has changed hands several times, but there has been but one president. The first president has served so faithfully that all recognized her executive ability and would never consent to a change. Mrs. Flato has served the society almost as faithfully, she having been in the treasurer’s office all the time except one year.


      Today the Union Cemetery Association of Shiner is an established institution with a good financial standing. Both lodges have often helped the society financially.


      A MEMBER.


      [Tise, Vol. IV, Shiner City Cemetery , PFEIL, Laura, 13 Dec 1869 – 11 Dec 1891 ; b. Hallettsville; d. Shiner; MEITZEN, E. A., 28 Jun 1857 – 25 Apr 1892; Shiner Lodge No. 111, A.O.U.W; FLATO, Stella, 24 Dec 1879 – 2 Jun 1893; Shiner Sons of Hermann Cemetery, WOLTERS, Max, 30 Sep 1890 – 3 Jul 1892; P – Max E. and Anna]


      [Tise, Vol. V, SS. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery , Shiner, BARTEK, Barbora, 1830-4 Brz [Mar] 1893; a baby also named Barbora Bartek is buried next to her.]

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