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A long list of FREE Ancestry.com databases!

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  • laura.pilgrim@att.net
    Here s something I just ran across that might interest some of you. It s a list of more than 200 FREE Ancestry.com databases. Go to:
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      Here's something I just ran across that might interest some of you. It's a list of more than 200 FREE Ancestry.com databases.  Go to:  http://www.genealogybuff.com/ancestry_free.htm . 
      For example, cousin Ray, I clicked on  PUBLIC MEMBER TREES and typed in your dad's name JULIUS BACAK in the search windows and came up with many Bacak listings including a  Diana Lynn Jones family tree, posted by txjwdl1 of Purmela, TX who lists your parents, and  Harvey, Curtis, and Related Families,  posted by Cynthia Neal of Delhi, TX.  (Hi list member Cindy!)  She also lists your mom and dad.  Also a Syrinek Family Tree, posted by Syrinek1 of Texas lists your parents and as well as your grandfather, Rudolph Bacak.  There is also a Motocha family tree posted by a Randy6989 who includes your mother in his tree.  Perhaps they got their information from you, but just in case they didn't, you might want to contact them.    There are over thirteen thousand "possible relevant" connections to Julius Bacak listed.  Most of them won't be related, and  I didn't go any further than these, but it does show how much one can still find for free on the Internet. 
      So go for it folks!  Have fun and good luck!
      Lolly Petter Pilgrim
      Houston, TX
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