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Re: [TexasCzechs] Marcel Janacek

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    Hi Elizabeth There is no relation between the Janecek and Janacek in Texas unless there are recent intermarriages.  The name is the Czech Johnson; Jan=John
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      Hi Elizabeth
      There is no relation between the Janecek and Janacek in Texas unless there are recent intermarriages.  The name is the Czech Johnson; Jan=John and -cek = little; little John the son of big John.
      However, Matt mentions Millie's book; Country Cousins.  She traces the Hajek line; my great grandmother was Terezie (Hajek) Berckenhoff so there might be a relation down the Hajek line.
      In peace,
      + Fred

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      Thanks for your quick reply!  I did know about Uncle Marcel's (nicknamed MF by family})/first marriage, but I was not born until much nlater.  I remember Uncle Marcel owned and operated the Eastgate Cash Store near his house.  I loved to visit there as a little girl because it was just like an old  time general store with  candy in the glass cases  and  ice cold bottles of Dr. Pepper that we from Missouri  thought was a rare and special treat!
           Leroy Janacek, my cousin, is now deceased.  His sister, Gladys Janacek Foerster,  informed us in her Christmas card  that her husbaqnd , Wilbur, had passed away in August.
           I am now trying to do research on my Czech ancestors, a  little trickier task than my mother's English/ Irish/Welsh  side. My line is:      Victor V. Velha  (He added the e.) (My father)
                    His father:  Frank Vlha 
                    His mother:  Frances Skrabanek (both from near Crosby, Texas).
      Both of my g grandparents, I think, were born in Czechoslovakia and came through the port of Galveston...  I know only a little more than that.  Any help would be appreciated.
                                 Thanks a lot.  Elizabeth Velha Martin

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      Country Cousins by Millie Jean Pechacek Welch shows Marcel Janacek was first married to a Janda and second to Vlasta Vlha. His parents were Adolf Janacek (1865-1913) and Anna Fiser (1867-1933), who are buried in St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery in Ammannsville, Fayette County, TX.
      Marcel had Betty Janacek by his marriage to the Janda and Leroy and Gladys by marriage to Vlasta Vlha. Betty married a Navratil.
      Anna Fiser was a daughter of Peregrin Fiser, born 16 May 1836 in Dolni Dobrouc, Bohemia. He died 30 Mar 1913 in Fayette county and is buried in Ammannsville. He was married to Philomena Vacek. Philomena was born in Dolni Cermna on 28 Aug 1841 and died in Fayette county 3 Jul 1922. She is also buried at Ammannsville.
      Millie Welch's connection to this family is through the Vacek line.
      If you want information on Anna Fiser's siblings and their descendants and/or her Vacek ancestors, let me know, and I can scan the pages from the book.

      Matt Cross
      lennonluv@hotmail. com
      "Madness is the first sign of dandruff." -- John Lennon

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      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Obit - Frank Jakubik, 1904, Novy Domov editor

      My uncle by marriage was named Marcel F. Janacek.  He married my father;s sister, Vlasta (Viola) Vlha.  They lived in Dayton or Eastgate, Texas and died in the early 70's.  I notice the spelling is a little different, but wondered if there is a connection?    Liz


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