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Re: [TexasCzechs] obit: Theresa Mokry

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  • FayeLee39@aol.com
    Joe and Judy, I lived in Corpus Christi, twice while I was in the Coast Guard; 1975-1983 and 1987 to 1990. That Navy Field you were talking about was an
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      Joe and Judy,

      I lived in Corpus Christi, twice while I was in the Coast Guard; 1975-1983 and 1987 to 1990.  That Navy Field you were talking about was an Auxiliary Navy Flight training field called WALDRON FIELD.  And a main road out to it was Waldron Rd.  It was all by itself, and was not physically connected to NAS Corpus Christi.  However NAS Corpus Christi, VT -27 was responsible for it and used it regularly.  The garbage dump etc back up to that property. 

      The main road on the south side and much of the west side of Corpus is SPID, which means South Padre Island Dr.  It continues now all the way to the beach, most of it multi-lane.  There also a tall overpass etc. that has been built to accommodate NAS CC traffic and makes for a much better flow.  Now I have not been back to the area since 1992. 

      My first time to Corpus Christi was in 1960, when I lived in San Antonio, and we just went down there to hang out at the beach. 

      You know, when I was stationed in Corpus, I really didn't think about all the Czechs that lived there......... because I was not attune to my ancestry at all.........and there are so many Czechs that live there, and have great histories and ancestry.  Of course years later a bell went off in my Head......... that I should get to know from whence I came, and try with all my effort to preserve my ancestry....... Thank God I have. 

      Very interesting to read your comments about the areas you are from.  

      Cullis Holub

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      From: Joe Levek <joelevek@...>
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      Small world! I'm just tickled at the response that I got about a small posting on an obit.

      Yes, that dump is located in the worst possible spot.  I believe it is closed now, or is it still open? I haven't lived in that area for over forty years now, so I do not have knowledge on that.  I do know that I passed it several times when I would visit Corpus Christi. I grew up in Corpus Christi, but the Vietnam war took me to South East Asia and then as my last base, I wound up in Dayton, Ohio, at Wright-Patterson Air Force base.  I have lived here (Greenville, Ohio) since 1970 when I got out.

      Do you remember the house that was located on the opposite corner, the one closest to the fence of the base, right hand side, as you drive back towards SPID.  This house had a trainer aircraft crash into the roof, sometime in the fifties, I would say.  I do not recall the name of the family that lived there, but it was my sister's friend from school.  I'm emailing her to see if she remembers the name of the family. I would place the location of your house on the opposite side, further out of town, since I think the Oso was further out.

      Joe Levek


      To test your memory, I have to ask you some questions.
      • What was the name of SPID before the city changed it?
      • What was the name of the twin drive in movie theather on the corner of SPID and Ayers St.
      • What was the name of the riding stables that was located down from the "Tops" bar.

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      Subject: RE: [TexasCzechs] obit: Theresa Mokry

      My family owns some property across from that Navy base.  The farm house was moved years ago but the land is still in the family. 
      Our part of the land borders on Oso Creek.  The land is owned by the Simcik family.  The City of CC bought some land in the back of
      the farm and put a garbage dump on it.  That greatly devalued our property and has caused us many problems.
      Judy Simcik Smith

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      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] obit: Theresa Mokry

      I enjoyed reading this particular obit because it was from my part of Corpus Christi , Texas that I grew up in.

      I remember the "Morky" street that was in the same area that my parents farm land was also located.  The Levek and Morky farms were located within a mile of each other.  We passed the Morky street every day on our way to school and to church every Sunday.

      My dad still is living at the age 93, and presently lives on the next street over from " Hakel Drive " on "Brandesky".  "Brandesky" is another street which is named after another Czech farmer that lived in the same area. I believe that this section of town had all the streets named after early Czech farmers in that area.

      The name "Kostoryz",  is a major thoroughfare that connects to the cross town expressway and to the other streets, of Czech farmers.  "Kostoryz" was the early pioneer that bought thousands of acres, had it surveyed and subdivided, and named it the Bohemian Colony Lands.  For a more detailed story of Stanley L. Kostoryz and his contribution to South Texas , please connect to the link below.

      http://boards. ancestry. com/localities. northam.usa. states.texas. counties. nueces/785/ mb.ashx?pnt= 1

      There was also a school named after "Kostoryz".  My two older sisters and I attended the original school when it was located way out in the country back in the late '40's and early '50's. ( Ha Ha, way out of town, back then, was only about three miles from our farm, but for a young lad it was farrrrrrr!)  The school bus would pick us up and  then drive over to the Navy base which was located at the end of Kostroyz (street) and pick up other school children there.

      The base is still there, but only the runways are used for touch and go landings by the Navy pilots which fly over from the main field, Naval Air Station, south of Corpus Christi , Texas . (A big naval aviator training facility. )

      The original Kostroyz school building has long been gone now, but in its place is a modern structure built in 1964 and also named for him. My sisters and I transferred to our family church school when it was built and I started second grade there.( I got to attend the Kostroyz school only in the first grade)

      My dad always wanted a street named "Levek" in honor of his father, Matous Levek, a native of Svatoborice , Moravia , Czechoslovakia that came to this country as a young man in 1912, through the port of Galveston . So far, a street named "Levek" has not come to being.

      The"(Mary) Carroll High School ", that was built on the "Morky" farm grounds is still in use today.  It opened in 1957. It is currently the second largest and third oldest school in the Corpus Christi Independent School District . My younger brother graduated from this school.

      Some of the Czech families that I attended school with besides the Morky's and Brandesky's are:
      Bartosh, Blasche, Kasper, Kucera, Majek, Polasek,and Valka's.  There were many others, but those come to mind right now.

      Joe Levek

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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] obit: Theresa Mokry

      Mrs. Theresa Mokry, 87, died at 3:45 a.m. today in a local hospital after a short illness.
      A resident of 4902 Hakel Drive , Mrs. Mokry was a native of Czechoslovakia and came to the United States in 1903.  She landed in Galveston and settled in Milam County .
      Mrs. Mokry and her husband, Ludvik, moved to Corpus Christi in 1922 and farmed in the Kostoryz community.  Their farm was where Carroll High School is now located.  He died Jan. 16, 1961.
      Mokry Street is named for her family.  She was a member of Veronica Lodge 476, KJZT, and the Altar Society of SS Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church.
      She is survived by five sons, Steve, Charles, Joe and Edward Mokry, all of Corpus Christi , and Frank Mokry of Sinton; a daughter, Mrs. Charles Petru of Lyford; 41 grandchildren, and 50 great-grandchildren .
      Maxwell P. Dunne Funeral will announce funeral arrangements.
      Corpus Christi Times, Tues., May 23, 1967
      Submitted by Rosemary Ermis

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