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RE: [TexasCzechs] Finally, hello from Cz

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  • Kotrla RJ (Richard)
    Sir John, Good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing part of the details of your trip. Please share more when you recover from jet lag and have time to visit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2000
      RE: [TexasCzechs] Finally, hello from Cz

      Sir John,

      Good to hear from you.

      Thanks for sharing part of the details of your trip.

      Please share more when you recover from jet lag and have time to visit with your family.

      Your account of your trip gives the rest of us a chance to travel through your eyes.

      Richard K.

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        Subject:  [TexasCzechs] Finally, hello from Cz

        Hello all,

        Greetings from Ceska Budejovice, Bohemia, Czech Rep.  Sorry I have failed to
        sent reports as I planned.  Several Internet Cafes in Prague have internet
        cafes but with the tremendious crowds and being with a group, I did not dare
        leave and try to find them.  Monday, my cuzs and I went to Zadverice and
        Celechovice and photogrpahed kins homes, the creek my grandfather talked
        about in a letter we found couple years ago, and with excellent Czech gov!t
        help in Zadverice, they pulled the birth record of my grandfather and let us
        look at it.  They would not photocopy nor let us take photographs of the
        pages due to the record being 127 yrs old.

        When we returned to the hotel, I was given the use of their computer to send
        and  check email, but could not IE5 is needed to access Hotmail and thez had
        only IE2 or 3-

        Have seen many castles and little upset that they are not interested in
        selling any. S I G  H  They gave reminded me I need to repaint my home....

        People are wonderful in Cz.  Have met two cousins I knew of but never met
        plus an ICQ friend.   I ate the best goulash ever....  The pevo is bezond
        reproach..  The countrz is beautifuly.  Slovakia is building repadily and
        Vienice is a modern city.  It was good to get back into Moravia and Bohemia,
        both states of the Cz Rep.

        I probably will not be able to send more messages, unless at the Prague
        airport.  They charge 3.50 US for 15 minutes.  I will not be back at this
        internet cafe as we are leaving early in the mornig.  We fly out of Prague
        Thur noon and looking forward to being with my familz, but hate to leave CY.
          It is FUN to type on this CY keyboard, to say the least.  Well, I just
        learned to change the keyboard to ASCCI.  I went into a computer shop,
        thinking they sold pcs to the public.  Thez will make you one, and do for
        several companies who put their name on them.  I have info of CZ computers
        and cost I will tell you about when home.

        Miss the messages, even those of Rick.....  Hi Buddy...

        Sir John
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