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    Note from George Patrick: Who is this Frank PetrekFYI and comments/george ... From: gpatrick To: George Patrick Sent: Monday, February 01, 2010 1:42 PM
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      Note from George Patrick: Who is this Frank Petrek
      FYI  and comments/george
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      From: gpatrick
      Sent: Monday, February 01, 2010 1:42 PM
      Subject: Another Frank Petrek at Psencik Cemetery.doc

      Note from George Patrick:  Who is this Frank Petrek?  Were  Ondrej and Hermina living in this area prior to their move to Falls and Bell Counties ?  From the list of burials in---



      Petrek, Frank. 13 Feb 1903 - 10 June 1904 . Faces west.


      Psencik Cemetery


      Psencik Cemetery





      295028N 971359W


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      The following is taken from Psencik Cemetery , copyrighted 1999, with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke.

      The full text can be viewed at the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives.

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      Psencik Cemetery was established about 18

      88 according to tombstone inscriptions. The first grave was that of Marie Stasny, born 20 September 1887 and died 5 April 1888 . The second grave is that

      of Julia Stasny, born 20 June 1888 and died 8 July 1889 . Marie and Julia were probably sisters as both names are on the same stone. Mollie Ziegelbauer

      was the last to be buried here. She died 28 March 1964 .


      There are twenty-five "Unknowns" whose graves are marked with a Funeral Home Marker only, any one of which could have been the first grave.


      The first Catholic settlers at Cistern in about 1881 were mostly Czechs and they had no church or priest. They made do with visiting priests who held masses

      at someone's home. At one time mass was said at the Psencik School which, it is believed, was at the cemetery. The first Catholic burials were at this

      cemetery and it is referred to as the " Old Catholic Cemetery ". It was later that the cemetery at the church in Cistern was opened.


      There are twelve Psenciks buried here after whom the cemetery gets its name. There are, at least, six Germans in the cemetery, however, the majority of

      burials are of Czech Catholics.


      The tombstones on the north face south toward the central cemetery cross. Those on the south face north. Four tombstones face to the west. The cemetery

      crucifix shows dates 1888-1943.


      Psencik Cemetery is located at roadside on Rosanky Road 1.6 miles north of Jeddo Road which goes west from State Highway 95 out of Cistern, Texas.


      The cemetery is enclosed with a chain-link fence 109 feet x 135 feet with the gate on the west side. It is maintained in an excellent condition.


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