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Re: [TexasCzechs] Kolache help

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  • Wendy and Greg
    Hi Susan, Thank you so much for your remembrances and recipes. I too have fond family memories of making kolaches with my grandmother. She never used a
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      Hi Susan,

      Thank you so much for your remembrances and recipes. I too have fond family
      memories of making kolaches with my grandmother. She never used a recipe-it
      was all in her head. After she died last summer I found out my great-aunt
      had Grandma's kolache recipe so I used it to make the poppyseed rolls-they
      were delicious and every time I ate some I thought of my Grandma. I also
      have a recipe for pospicka but it doesn't say how to do the fruit filling.

      Thanks again-
      Wendy Bartek Wittenbrook

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      > There are probably as many ways of making the filling for kolaches as
      > are cooks. In the end, you can do it any way which you choose. However
      > some of us the making of kolaches is an enjoyable and rewarding experience
      > itself. Having fond memories of all the sights and scents in my
      > Grandmother's kitchen when we made kolaches, there is great enjoyment in
      > process of actually making them for me. I try to make them with my
      > so that we share in the pleasure and I always find the experience of
      > them a joy in itself. Tradition is very important to me when making
      > kolaches, I know you just asked about the fillings...but there can be so
      > more. Good karma comes to those who celebrate in the making of food which
      > to be shared.
      > One must have a very large crockery bowl, a kolache bowl, in which to make
      > the dough. Some are handed down from mother to daughter. There are many
      > daughters in our family. My Dad bought one for me when I was in my teens.
      > It has a knife sharpening rim. I tried to find a traditional one (beige
      > beige with blue decoration) for my daughter but have not yet located one.
      > did find a lovely blue and white one for her...but it is not traditional.
      > is in this bowl which one places the yeast, sugar and warm water. It is
      > it that the earthy scent of the growing yeast rises. It is in this bowl
      > the milk, melted shortening, salt, and flour are added and mixed. It is
      > this bowl and the worked dough is returned in order to rise. It is over
      > bowl that a clean white cloth is placed to keep the temperature steady.
      > is a celebration of birth and rebirth.
      > The fruit you choose for the fillings are up to you. Apricot, apple,
      > plum, and prune are often used. It used to be what one could keep on hand
      > without refrigeration or what was available locally. Cottage cheese is
      > popular with some. I will relate the family recipes; but first, I must
      > encourage you to fully enjoy the experience. Purchased fillings can be
      > but then you miss so much. The scents of simmering fruit, spices, and
      > vanilla are so pleasant and the taste is ever so rich. The colors and
      > textures are also delightful.
      > The following recipes come from women who learned to make kolaches from
      > mothers and grandmothers.
      > Prune Filling by Linda Rektorik Conrad
      > 1 Large package dried prunes (the pitted ones cost more but are easier
      > use and
      > less time is consumed that when has to remove the
      > pits)
      > 1 Teaspoon cinnamon
      > 1 Teaspoon vanilla
      > 3/4 Cup sugar
      > Cover the prunes with water in a medium-sized pot and simmer until tender.
      > Drain the liquid (In the old country the juice is sometimes mixed into hot
      > tea).
      > Mash the prunes until smooth, if using the pitted ones. If using whole
      > prunes then remove the pits with your fingers and then mash. Then add the
      > cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar.
      > This recipe makes enough filling for about 3 dozen kolaches. I reduce it
      > make other fillings at the same time for a variety. This recipe works
      > with dried apples, peaches, and apricots. Women usually either prefer
      > or vanilla extract in their fillings. You will have to decide for
      > which you prefer.
      > Apricot Filling by Virginia Rektorik Atkinson
      > 2 Packages of dried Apricots
      > 1 29 ounce can of Apricots
      > Sugar
      > 1/2 Teaspoon Almond Extract
      > Cook two packages of dried apricots until soft. Drain well. Open and
      > the canned apricots. Combine the two. Mash. Sweeten to taste, about two
      > cups of sugar or more if desired. Add 1/2 teaspoon almond extract.
      > Cottage Cheese Filling by Virginia Rektorik Atkinson
      > 1 24 ounce container of small curd cottage cheese, well drained
      > 1 Cup sugar
      > 1 Teaspoon vanilla extract
      > 1/2 Teaspoon almond extract
      > 3 egg yolks
      > The cottage cheese must be well drained or the filling will be runny.
      > the cottage cheese. Add the other ingredients.
      > Since you said you already made poppy seed rolls, I am assuming you have a
      > traditional dough recipe. What about the Popsicka, do you have a recipe
      > that? Let me know if you do not.
      > My daughter did a family history research project on Kolaches last year.
      > her survey, she found that, in our family, kolaches represent bonds of
      > friendship and kin, shared pleasurable times, and long remembered scents
      > sights to the women. The men generally remembered just the scent of
      > baked kolaches and the taste. Almost everyone remembers burning their
      > on the still too hot filling.
      > I hope that, for you, the actual experience of making kolaches is at least
      > pleasurable as is the eating of them.
      > Susan Rektorik Henley
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