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  • FayeLee39@aol.com
    Hi Judy, Yes I do live in Mobile, only for the past 8 months------- but 20 years ago I lived here for 4 years.? Most of the restaurants are located on Airport
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 1, 2009
      Hi Judy,

      Yes I do live in Mobile, only for the past 8 months------- but 20 years ago I lived here for 4 years. 
      Most of the restaurants are located on Airport Blvd between I 65 and going westbound to the Airport. 
      One of the best places I like is called the Bonefish grill. It's close to Providence Hospital on Airport.  They have good fish and steak.  It's very good, but a little pricey. Also almost across from there is Wentzel's a fish eatery that has been here for over 40 years  Good oysters, shrimp and fish, prices are better here. 

      There are many mexican restaurants here- I say Mexican but they are not like south Texas mexican.  The one I like is Hacienda San Miguel on Schillinger in West Mobile. 

      I also recommend that you go over to the eastern shore - that's east across the (Mobile) bay to Fairhope.  They have many quaint eateries and shops.  You can spend a good day looking at the shops and things of this little enclave if you like that stuff. 
      Of course there is the standard Macaroni's which has good Italian.  For steaks, at a reasonable price, there is Longhorn on Airport and Australian Outback off Airport on Downtowner, I believe.  

      If you are going to be downtown- some more expensive restaurants are: The Pillars- very quaint and good, and Ruth Chris Steak House - very good. 

      To bad I'm not going to be here this weekend.......... We are going to Tyler Texas for a family reunion.....I leave tomorrow. 

      Also if you have time go through the Battleship Alabama and numerous other items to look at.  On the 4th they are having a big fireworks show at the Battleship Park.  

      Have good time, and enjoy the deep south. 

      Cullis Holub

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      Hi Cullis,
      Do you live in Mobile?  The reason I ask is that we will be going to Mobile tomorrow and stay a couple of days. 
      If you live in or are familiar with Mobile will you give us some tips on where to eat?  We like a variety of foods,
      just as long as it is good.
      Thanks, Judy Smith

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      This high temp is all over the south.  It has been 102-105 degrees the past two days in Moible, Alabama.

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      From: Lydia Mousner <lmousner@yahoo. com>
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      My son said it was 106 when he passed through Waco about 2 PM today and as he was driving through Austin, it was 112 degrees, heading to San Antonio.  I feel bad for our farmers and ranchers, and the rest of us at the grocery stores eventually.


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      I think it was 105 in Austin yesterday. We need rain too!
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       Send the rain to Deer Park, Texas. We had no rain for the month of July. Was 102 degrees F here in Deer Park, Texas yesterday. I am tired of watering.


      Allen Livanec

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      Date: Thursday, June 25, 2009, 10:20 AM

      Heavy floods in the Czech Republic.  It is at the door steps of the church in Lichnov and my cousins house.  The little brook is overflowing.  Opava also is having problems.  Hope it stops raining.

      I'll send pictures in the next mail.

      Illona Morris

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