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Re: [TexasCzechs] Re: Houston artist brings Schulenberg dance hall back to life

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  • Julie & Wes Matus
    I hope this guy s venture is a success! I remember going to Kasper s to buy clothing and shoes and then the Lippmann s store too - I believe they sold fabric
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      I hope this guy's venture is a success!  I remember going to Kasper's to buy clothing and shoes and then the Lippmann's store too - I believe they sold fabric if I'm not mistaken.  My mom sewed all of our clothes when I was at home.  I used to sew my own clothes, but now have not done that in quite a while.  I don't remember where else you could buy fabric in Schulenburg. 

      The one grocery store always gave 'coupons' for so many groceries you bought and my Mom was able to get a set of dishes for all four of us kids and herself as well.  I still have those dishes in the 'china cabinet/pie safe' from my Mom's house.  We use them occasionally, but they are 'special' dishes.

      It's fun to remember old memories.


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      It is great that someone is keeping the old building in town intact. I remember that building as the old Western Auto Store. I wonder if they found any items from the old store as well.

      I just hope that someone could restore the other older buildings in town as well. The old clothing store. There was a building that was a Dry Goods store that was converted into the Upstairs at the Downstairs, a local bar and pool hall. There used to be a bar west across the street that I remember as being segregated, one side for white and the other for blacks, it no longer stand. The hardware store at the west end of North Main.

      And as a side note, Schulenburg is only one a very limited small towns with a North and South Main divided by a railroad...

      Denis Muras

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