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Is Anybody Out There?

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  • Kotrla RJ (Richard)
    Hello again, fellow listers and fellow TexasCzechs, I really have no right to ask the question is anybody out there? since I, (not intentionally, though),
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2000
      Is Anybody Out There?

      Hello again, fellow listers and fellow TexasCzechs,

      I really have no right to ask the question "is anybody out there?" since I, (not intentionally, though), quit communicating via the list for a few weeks.  But I'll ask it anyway.  "Is Anybody Out There?"

      I won't bore anyone with the long story as to why I've been off the list for a few weeks.  Well, let me re-phrase that, I won't publicly bore anybody.  Some of you will get private messages from me and have to read my excuses as to why I have been off the list.  But even those of you who are "privileged" to get these private messages can always quickly hit the delete button.

      I will resume the practice of listing key topics of discussion each Monday evening, hoping to get conversation going during that week.  Some of the discussions we can keep going for several weeks, and some will probably go by the wayside after a few days.  I always think it is good that we all participate in suggesting topics of discussion.  And we should always continue to use this list to share stories, and to share genealogy research information.

      As we've all stated at one time or another, we are, as TexasCzechs, one big family, as  then those of us who use this list are part of a more select family.  We share a common ethnic background, but more importantly and more real and alive, is our common cultural heritage.  We are unique in our culture, our food, our language, and even our family values, (where have we heard that phrase before?).

      We need to do all can to further our own experiences as TexasCzechs but to encourage others to do so, particularly the younger members of our "family."  We also need to save the stories and recollections of our senior "family" members for future generations.

      My e-mail address @ work is kotrlarj@... and the personal one is kotrlarj@....  Use one or better yet, use one and cc to the other.  Or just use the list if it's general.  We all should use our e-mail addresses for messages that might be deemed "private."

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