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Fw: Galveston/Crystal Beach/Gilcreast

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  • pfoster
    This is a long email. For those who wanted an update on Ike. After what I saw on Bolivar yesterday, all I have to say is anyone living directly beside the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2008
      This is a long email.  For those who wanted an update on Ike.  After what I saw on Bolivar yesterday, all I have to say is anyone living directly beside the Gulf and a hurricane is bearing down, get the heck out of its way.  Ike was a cat three when it came on shore.  This is what happens on the "dirty side".
      Galveston is bouncing back.  It looked good compared to even a month ago.  Let see, the beautiful trees along the avenue when you arrive in Galveston are completely barren and dead looking that was said.  Along the seawall businesses are back.  It was strange not to see the Ballroom and Hooters, plus the Flagship has a hole in it where you can look in.  Down on the west side, Stewart Beach there was Hugh piles of sand where there are building the beaches back-up.  You still see piles of where they have torn down and piled-up debris, but it has been cleaned-up pretty nicely.  There was a lot of people on the seawall.  We did not have much time, but I just wanted you to know your Galveston is bouncing back.  The most interesting thing was seeing the Great Big Destroyer leaning over.
      Now, on to Bolivar.  Quiet frankly I did not get much sleep last night.  Pictures and news articles does not do justice to BolĂ­var.  When you first arrive it is bad, but you can see homes still standing, the old light house, and the most amazing thing is the Gulf.  Yes, the Gulf.  Everything is flat and desolate.  Not one sand dune plus the Gulf has been moved closer in.  It would not take much more than a small tropical storm to completely cover Bolivar.  Rollover Pass bridge there were people fishing.  The Corp did a great job of rebuilding.  Crystal Beach all the business are gone, but there are pockets of house with electricity even though there is ever kind of debris that you could imagine covering all over the island.  Now on the Gilcrest.  I am at lost of words.  Saying it looked like a "bomb" went off could not even began to descripe it.  There will never be a Gilcrest again it has been "wiped" clean.  Now Crystal Beach yes. They are cleaning and getting ready to rebuild.  It will take a couple of years, but it will be back.  paulasmaggie
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