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Re: [TexasCzechs] KOLACHES

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  • d1jezek@aol.com
    the runny mess effect is what you get from some of the other Solo fillings. the fruit is in a syrup/jelly and it boils over. However, the apricot works
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      the runny mess effect is what you get from some of the other Solo fillings.  the fruit is in a syrup/jelly and it boils over.  However, the apricot works great.
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      I've tried using preserves as a filling. One word--don't.  The sugar in the perserves makes a very runny fruit mess once it starts to melt and he flows out of the kolache and burns onto to cookie sheet.  Boooooo!  I don't care much for the bread dough kolaches.  We tried them in TX where that frozen bread dough is available. Lots of people there liked them, but they are too dense for me.

      i second that about the solo fillings.  the poppyseed is almost just like my Grammaw's and the apricot is good as well.  the other fillings are too sloppy. the raspberry isn't bad either, but i thought maybe actual preserves might work better.  i still haven't found this Rhodes brand of dough, but i'm on the lookout for it.
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      [Czech-Moravian Pizzas]

      (The quick, easy, lazy way)

      By Fr. Frederick JaneÈek

      RHODES frozen sweet dough (3 loaves in a package)

      Thawing: follow package directions.  I thaw in frig 12-24 hours  -  even 48 hours but then the dough is getting out of hand.  Divide each loaf in half, shape in ball, roll out to fit 2 pie or cake pans, spread 1/2 or 1/3 can of SOLO filling (poppy seed or apricot) on dough per pan, let rise until double, bake 20 minutes or until crust is brown.  Actual work time about 10 minutes if you can find your pans - easily and quickly.  Total time for rising and baking about 1 hour.  Sprinkle with powdered (confection) sugar right before serving or presenting.

      For a more custard type of poppy seed filling prepare 1 package (3.4 oz) JELL-O Instant French vanilla pudding & pie filling, follow directions on package using 1 1/4 cup milk, refrigerate until set, then combine with 1 can of SOLO poppy seed filling.  Spread over dough in pans.  This will cover 6 pans as above, following same procedure as above.

      I make 6 pans at a time in the oven, baking on 2 oven shelves with 3 pans on each shelf and rotating the pans from one shelf to the other so that each kolach is evenly brown on top and bottom.

      The Czechs in Hillsboro, Wisconsin make a large kolach the size of a pie or cake pan and spread the filling on top.  They are served by slicing in wedges.  This way one does not have to mess around with filling each individual kolach.

      In Texas we are familiar with the little kolaches.  These above are not as good as the home-made one but are quite good if you don't have time to make your own.

      SOLO fillings can be found in the grocery store next to the pie fillings.  The only ones I like are the poppy seed and apricot.  I was not impressed with their other fillings, like prune.


      Poppy seed kolaches are the food of the gods of the Slavs.

    • Eric In The Woodlands
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        Thank ya!


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        8-)1/2 stick of butter    3-4 cups flour     1- cup of oil
              1 cup sugar            dash vanilla       dash lemon zest
              1 egg yolk              1 cup milk         1- whole egg
               2 - tbsp. dry yeast

        Beat the butter, sugar & eggs until foamy. Make a proof of the yeast, milk and a little sugar. When the proof is ready, add it slowly into the batter, alternating with flour. Add the lemon zest & vanilla. Make a smooth & soft dough and let it rise for about 30 - 40 minutes. More milk may be used in the dough if necessary to achieve the soft concistency. When the dough has risen, put the oil in the baking dish. With a spoon, cut out pieces of the dough & place them on a floured board. With your hand make patties of each piece and put a teaspoon of filling on each patty. Use your fingers to close the dough over the filling and make sure that it is pressed together well to avoid leaking. Place each piece in the oil and brush the oil over the entire surface to keep the Buchty separated from each other when pressed together. Continue until the entire baking dish is densely filled with the pastries. If necessary add more oil. Bake the Buchty in a medium hot oven (350F) until the surface becomes reddish brown. It takes about 45 minutes. Turn them over on a plate while still hot and sprinkle powdered sugar over the surface. They have to be dumped from the baking dish immediately so they will not soak up the oil remaining in the dish.

        The filling is your choice. I use SOLO poppy seed filling.

        Dobre Chutani!

        Allen L.

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        Since we've been on the topic of poppy seed, I suppose I should ask.

        Does anyone have a buchda recipe?




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