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Re: [TexasCzechs] Storm prep

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  • pfoster
    Kathleen, Great Idea. I am going to have to buy some to just keep around. Saw them on TV. I was wondering how good they were. Maybe, they should be
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      Kathleen,  Great Idea.  I am going to have to buy some to just keep around.  Saw them on TV.  I was wondering how good they were.  Maybe, they should be included in what the news media calls a "hurricane preparedness kit".  paulasmaggie
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      One of the best investments I ever made recently was those "Stick and Click" light packs you can get at any Walgreens Drugstore(on Taylor, Eckerds or RexAll I think) in your area.  They come three to a package and each runs on 2 AA batteries and has a self stick backing to post where ever you choose.  We have several posted on the wall where the on/off switch is located and when the power goes out for whatever reason, just reach for the nearest light switch only find the "Click and Stick", push on it and presto!  Instant bright light to see your way to the nearest flashlight or candle!  They are also relatively cheap at 10 dollars USD per package!  Just my two cents for the day!  Kathleen
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      Joyce, Hurricane Lamps is a good idea.  The only thing that scares me, is that I put them in the same category as candles.  In Port Arthur a man lost his life during Ike when he fell asleep with a candle burning.  Maybe, I am just being paranoid.  Now, what got me through Ike was what my family kept kidding me about for the last 6 months that is a Mood Glow Ball from Collections.  It sits on my Patio, changes colors, and uses only 2 AA Batteries.  I put it on my dining room table on the night of Ike.  It light-up the room where I could least see everything.  paulasmaggie 
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      From: jpatrick
      Sent: Friday, October 03, 2008 12:12 PM
      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Storm prep

      I wondered if anyone thought to fill the bathtub to use for flushing? Another thing, before battery operated lights, there was the oil lamp. They are now referred to as "hurricane lamps" and instead of "coal oil-kerosene" , now a perfumed oil is available to use and not "offend" our sensitive noses. (ha). Some folks even have wall brackets to hold these lamps.
      Joyce P

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