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Mail Order Bride/Moravian Woman Mad

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  • pfoster
    Instead of shortening this email for the Mail Order Bride, I have included Why do not make a Moravian Woman Mad. I too am related to Annie Jakl. Her stories
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      Instead of shortening this email for the Mail Order Bride, I have included Why do not make a Moravian Woman Mad.  I too am related to Annie Jakl.  Her stories are some of my favorites.  Hope you enjoy them.  Cousin Pat and I dearly love Bernard.  His stories make our day when we can get him to send one. 
      My Great granma   Anna Jakl,  whose husband Frantisek  Marek died in 1890,      only 33 years old, Anna was 29,   left with six kids,       She remarried the same year,  got pregnant  and  made the trip to the Caldwell court house from where they   lived,  almost ten miles  , probably not riding on a mule,,,   more likely  in a wagon, with two horses or mules pulling it.        The new baby,  by Vince Ptacek was way less than a year old,,,,  Now,  this wasn't   even close to being easy .....The divorce decree doesnt  mention a smitter  about why she ran his bunsber off, after only one christmas.     This is my most favorite Ancestor,,   She must have been quiet a woman,     Her and her older sister came to this country  together,  Anna was only 16,   Married at 18,  to a widower  Frank Marek,, in Fayetteville,,   Franks first wife died there in  Fayetteville and is buried there,  but they also had two babies,,   that came with the widower, Frank.             I personally knew all of Anna's children in their old age,,,  not a sour grape in the bunch.   and on top of that,,,  there are about 40 grandchildren.     Now she is about 31 years old,  with all those little children and  she lived until her early 60's    and is buried in the Frenstat , Catholic cemetary,   next to her husband ,   Frank Marek.       There are two Frank Mareks buried in the Frenstat cemetardy,,,,  This above mentioned Frank and one of his sons,   who died in 1910..      She must havae been a tough  lady,,,  in lots of ways..    A Moravian, so take it from there.     My step grandma,  Mary Marsalek, Gaas  was one of those tough moravians,    the mail order bride,   when Grandpa Richard widowed by the death of Rosalie Urban,    sent notice to someone in his native country to find him a suitable bride,    The 40 yeaar old guy lucked out,  they sent him a 25year old   lady,  who took over quiet promptly,  she was very nice, I thought ,  and they made a pretty good couple.     
      dobro notz,   good night...

      On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 5:54 PM, pfoster <pfosterbmt@...> wrote:
      Refresh my Memory.  Was it your Grandmother Anna Jakl Marek who saddle up the mule, took the baby and ten kids to Burleson Court House to get a divorce?

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