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  • pfoster
    Pat and my Cousin Bernard has some great great stories. Here is one that I hope that everyone will enjoy as much as we do. paulas maggie ... From: Bernard
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2008
      Pat and my Cousin Bernard has some great great stories.  Here is one that I hope that everyone will enjoy as much as we do.  paulas maggie
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      We had a lot of "biscuit eaters"  in our  "first" school,  and I remember asking my Aunt Millie , why were they called that,   and she said, that it was because they did not  know how to make bread.   She made the best bread,   one could eat it  by itself.     Anyway,  I saw a lot of biscuit and bacon lard sandwitches, some with a little more salt and pepper on them once in a while,  a strip of thick cut bacon.  .  Mother, sometimes would  make fried egg and homemade bread sandwitches,   whatever she made was always good.     She would pack four lunches in those chrome plated round  lunch buckets,  five times a week,  bet she was glad when a weekend would come around.     Other times we had home made Pork sausage  and Jelly and homemade bread.   On saturday and sundays,,  she had fresh beef  at home ,,   to  make goodies out of   ,   from the local beef clulb.  But the Frigidare refrigriator didn't come until  much later,, when we got  lectrik,   like one  local bohemian lady called it        
      Up until I was  about 10,   on cold wintery days,,    the boys would find a gully, or ditch  to eat in,  sometimes climb  an old oak tree,  but on the cold days ,,  we always built a fairly large fire  and  warmed our sausage   on a long stick,  of course,  some warmed  anything that would  stay on the stick.     The matches to make the fire came from some of the bigger boys who always tried to "show off"   rolling their cigarettes  and trying to smoke.       Anyway,,  we just left the  fire burn itself out ,,   one morning we came back to school, and the five acre school ground and adjoining pasture  had burned  during the night ,     Must have been a big fire, I never heard if anyone even showed up   to   help protect the school.       We nevere did get scolded  or anything ,   Just another one of those things...    Bernard
      On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 3:10 PM, paulasmaggie <pfosterbmt@...> wrote:

      Taken from a new book on Willie Nelson. The Ruzickas, the First Czech
      Family to move into Abbot in 1925, were treated like dirt when they
      came to town, even though Leo and Jerry Frank's Daddy ran one of the
      three cotton gins in Abbott, a position of considerable importance.
      The reason they liked to socialize, dance, and drink beer at the SPJST
      Hall. We were treated as outcast, Leo Ruzicka by the good Baptist and
      Methodists because of this. Fran Pope said they called as Bohemians at
      school to make fun of us, I guess because we could speak Czech. We were
      always laught at. I'd call them "biscuit eaters". We didn't have to
      eat biscuits. We had homemade bread. So, the lesson here is to take
      adversity and turn it around. I hope everyone sees the humor in this
      story. paulasmaggie

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