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Link to Locating a Village of Origin (VOA)

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  • richardgarza1@juno.com
    Thought I d share this link with the Newbies, as well as the veterans, on this list. Don t know the location of the village of origin of your ancestors or how
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2000
      Thought I'd share this link with the Newbies, as well as the veterans, on
      this list.
      Don't know the location of the village of origin of your ancestors or
      how to spell it? A very good place to find the village and a map is at
      the Jewish Genealogy page. The web address (URL) is as follows:

      There is a list of countries to choose from, otherwise it'll do all of
      Central Europe. Be sure to select Czech Republic so it doesn't bring up
      a list of a hundred villages. It uses a Soundex system whereby it will
      bring up as many results as it finds that "sound" like the name you're
      looking for. It will also give you the spelling variations, useful for
      many who only have the German spelling of the village which was used
      under Austrian rule.
      The mileage it supplies will be based on Prague, CR. Most likely it
      will give you several villages to choose from, for example, the town of
      Kojetin will get you about 5 or 6 results with that spelling. As many of
      the TexasCzechs' ancestors came from Moravia, in the Vallachian region,
      the Kojetin that is 160.6 miles ESE of Prague would be the most likely
      choice (as a general rule).
      At the bottom of the page where you enter the name of the village you
      are searching for, you can change the coordinates from Prague to
      something more useful, perhaps the coordinates of Frydek (4941 1821) or
      Novy Jicin (4921 1719). Then, if you happen to know the name of the
      village of the spouse, the closer you are in miles to the found village
      the better chance you have of finding the original village of the other
      Before printing out the map, be sure to enlarge the map (button at
      bottom right) and select "Printer-Friendly Map" from the menu items on
      the left.
      Another choice for locating a village are the MSN maps at:
      This is not quite as useful at first as it will give you several choices
      for villages with the abbreviation of the county/district seat, such as
      NJ for Novy Jicin, which means you have to know what the abbreviations
      stand for.
      Please take a moment to share you favorite web site links with the list
      as we have many new listers who may be starting on their search for
      family roots.
      And, don't forget the National Polka Festival in Ennis next weekend
      (Mem'l Day Weekend).

      Sharing. It's What It's All About!
      Rick Garza

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