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Re: [TexasCzechs] Family Names

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  • nancy callan
    I m so excited! My great grandmother is Millie Piter, she is sisters with Mary Piter. My grandmother is Margaret Marie Voznica Casey...Millie s first child
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4 7:19 AM
      I'm so excited!  My great grandmother is Millie Piter, she is sisters with Mary Piter.  My grandmother is Margaret Marie Voznica Casey...Millie's first child of 5 children.  My mother is Carolynn Lee Casey Eubank of Waco, Texas.  The only child of Margaret and Homer Casey.
      I hope you understand this...Because mom was an only child we did a lot with the Smajstrla family.  I feel bad I don't remember Wayland.  We would go to the SHACK every 4th of July.  I believe Eugene Smajstrla was my mother's god father.  I have an older sister Marcy (god parents Wiila Mae and Fred), older brother Mike (he use to work for Paul when he opened that sandwich shop) and a younger sister Susan (god parents are Adel and Eddie Nemechek).  Anyway when my mother and grandmother died...I was the only one who was interested in the pictures...so I took them.  That was in 1992.  These pictures and papers have traveled with us and now I'm ready to do something with them.  So that is where I am.  Two big questions I have are:  1.  When did the family first come to Texas and why?  2.  I know my grandmother has a different father that her siblings but I can't find any hard evidence of who it was.  On her baptism paper Millie wrote down Margaret Rabel.  But, I found in the papers I had (in my grandmother's writing) that Millie married a man named Frank Denek (Dannak or Danak) before Antone Voznica.
      So that is where I am.  
      Nancy Callan
      My husband is William Callan.  We live in Dallas now but before we moved here we lived in Waco...on Austin Ave. right down the street from Paul and Ann.
      On Dec 4, 2007, at 8:51 AM, delsmaj@... wrote:

      My husband, Wayland Smajstrla, is the great Grandchild of Joh Pitr and Rozina Beseda Pitr.   His Grandmother Mary Agnes Piter married Jan Cyril Smajstrla.
      Rozina Beseda also had a child, Frank Will Beseda, before she was married to Pitr.
      Would love to visit more with you about this!  How are you related to them. 
      Del Smajstrla

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