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Re: [TexasCzechs] Obit - Kenneth Schroeder

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  • Tony Janak
    Hi Nan Charlie mom & dad was Frank Hercheck, and he was a Inc salesmen, i think his mom name Mary, and 3, kids, Milam, Mary Ann, & Charlie. Charlie is my age
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 3, 2007
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      Hi Nan
      Charlie mom & dad was Frank Hercheck, and he was
      a Inc salesmen, i think his mom name Mary, and 3,
      kids, Milam, Mary Ann, & Charlie.
      Charlie is my age 69 Mary Ann 4years older & Milam
      15 or 20 year older then us,
      There a David Hercheck that was in Mary Ann class
      he live in Petersville, 6 mile from Yoakum, and they
      kin, i never knew he mom & did
      There was a Hercheck that was a partner in grocery
      business  when Yoakum was first born in 1900. he
      may have been from Cuero, Tex  Cuero is a old old
      town, people were moving to Yoakum from all over
      the country at that time, the population over 12,000
      when the rail road & round house move in.
      Then the population dropped in 1/2  when the RR & Roundhouse close down 1930. Yoakum is split in
      1/2  Lavaca & Dewitt County there are a lot of people that pay 2 property tax and i am one oven
      I give you Milam Hercheck phone number
      1-361-293-6792 he is the only person that would
      know about the Hercheck, he retried about 2 year
      a go, but the still has a good mind.
      David Hercheck may know some History too
      his number 1-361-293-5726. I hope this will help
      Tony Janak  

      Nangotoo <nangotoo@...> wrote:
      Thanks for the update. It was so kind of you to answer my post. :-)
      Do you know who Charlie's parents are?  That would give me an idea of which family he belongs to in my
      Hercheck family.  My g-g grandfather was John Herchek (originally Hrcek) who lived in Yoakum and later in
      the Cuero area with his family.  He had many children and had two very fertile wives in his lifetime.  LOL! 
      Being Charlie's last name is Hercheck, that narrows the possibilities down to the sons for Charlie's line, but there are still
      many possibilities. I hope that Charlie will be okay.
      I am descended from John's first wife, through his oldest daughter (his first child),
      my g-grandmother, Amalia Anna Hercheck KRUMM.  Our family never really got to know the
      Herchek/Hercheck cousins.  My mom remembers visiting her grandmother, uncles, aunts, and cousins a
      couple of times when she was very young, but it was the depression and times were very hard for her
      large family and the majority of the kids in her family were sent out to work for other families when
      they were only 4 or years old because they couldn't afford for them to be at home. Can you imagine that?
      They weren't around very often when relatives came to visit-only a few times.

      Hi Nan
      The 3, Boy that were in the wreck was in my grade at St Joe School, Charley Hereheck was my best Friend be cost we bolt Played music, and he told me that Kenny Schroeder may have survive if the car did't fall on him, Kenny had a brother Sylvester that was also a good musician, Charley live in 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schroeder of Yoakum, was killed in a car wreck at 11:16 pm Monday near the northeast city limits.

      Two other youths were injured in the same car which skidded on some loose gravel and went through a bridge railing at Supply Jack Creek on Lavaca Street. They were returning from a basketball game at Shiner in which young Schroeder was on to the players. Schroeder was a junior at St. Joseph's high School and an employee of the Yoakum Herald Times.

      The driver of the totally wrecked car was Bill Johnson, 16, also a junior at Saint Josephs High, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Johnson of Yoakum. He was treated for head and face cuts. The third youth in the car was Charles Hercheck of Yoakum, classmate of the other two at SJ H, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hercheck of Yoakum, was treated for facial cuts.

      Young Schroeder suffered a broken neck and was thrown out of the car as it fell from the bridge into the shallow creek bed.

      Funeral services were held at 9:15 Thursday at Buffington Funeral Home, thence to St. Joseph's Catholic Church, the Reverends Edward Jansky, Henry Rolf and William Halata officiating. Burial at St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Yoakum. Rosary was recited Wednesday night at the funeral home.

      He is survived by his parents, one brother, Sylvester Schroeder of Yoakum, college student at Victoria College, and his paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Max Schroeder of Cheapside.

      Submitted by Larry Berkenhoff
      Posted by Matt Cross
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    • Nangotoo
      Tony, Thank you so much. I will be sure to call David. I appreciate all of your info and help. I have heard of Frank Hercheck and David, too. :-) Nan Recent
      Message 2 of 6 , Oct 4, 2007
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        Thank you so much.  I will be sure to call David.  I appreciate all of your info and help.  I have heard of
        Frank Hercheck and David, too. :-) 

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