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Cimbalom Orchestra Itinerary & Documentary Film

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  • qtoobi
    In addition to an updated itinerary (below), here s a special surprise for all Texas-Czech friends and supporters: After a long series of e-mails,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2007
      In addition to an updated itinerary (below), here's a special surprise for all Texas-Czech
      friends and supporters:

      After a long series of e-mails, arm-twisting, several cases of Texas wine shipped to CZ,
      and a promise to detour through the vineyards and wineries of our Texas Hill Country, we
      have confirmation that --

      CZECH NATIONAL TELEVISION will be sending a film crew to follow us around in October . .
      . . creating a documentary of the Petr Micka cimbalom tour as this relates to the CEFT
      endowment and, in general . . . . "us" . . . . "Texas Czechs"!

      The film crew will not need "housing" (as will be provided in some locations for the Czech
      musicians), but I hope that the venues providing food either before or after our
      performances would be so kind as to plan for an extra four people -- now a "total of 13"
      in our group. I realize that you haven't planned for this; please let me know if I need to
      find some way to help make it happen.

      Two previous documentaries of this director include:

      1. Jeden rok (One Year): "a movie about the lives of seven people from the Hornacko
      region in a non-sentimental witnessing of the lifestyle of
      people from remote places in the mountains and woods of the White
      Carpathian Mountains."

      2. Salve Moravia: "a documentary about South Moravia from 2006-07 involving a unique
      composition of rituals of the landscape and the people living in it -- customs, gestures,
      colors, and music. The movie is silent but is accompanied by the music by Janacek,
      Bittova, Bulis, Martinu, Stedron, and Pavlica."

      This will, of course, be a logistics nightmare . . . . getting one Czech manager, six Czech
      musicians, and a four-person Czech film crew awake and moving before mid-morning so
      that we can drive to the next gig . . . . in a three-van caravan!

      On the other hand, I think that we can all be excited about a documentary -- on Czech
      National Television -- about "us."

      The performance schedule, as it is "today," is below. I've included the "Czech" schedule for
      the Texas State Fair; please note the change of time and venue for the Austin
      performance. Please let me know about any additional changes!

      Also, as a special treat, we're going to have three of our former and current exchange
      students from the Janacek Academy of Music & the Performing Arts (in Brno) provide a
      little "jazz music" at the reception following Micka's first performance. "Jiri" is the current
      pianist in our One O'Clock Lab Band -- not too bad for a Czech guy! There will be food,
      and, of course, beer and wine.

      Saturday, 6 October
      Location: Winspear Performance Hall, UNT Campus, Denton
      UNT Campus
      Host: College of Music, University of North Texas
      Time: 8:00
      Admission: Yes
      Dinner for Musicians: N/A
      Reception: Yes, with Spilka-Levicek-Kleibl "Czech Jazz" Trio
      Overnight Housing: N/A
      Contact: Tom Sovik 817-287-9644 or thomassovik@...

      Sunday, 7 October
      "Heritage Festival," Texas State Fair, Dallas
      Location: African-American (Museum Outdoor) Stage
      Gate 5 (Grand Avenue) off R. B. Cullum Blvd.
      Host: Texas Cultural Partnership
      Time: 3:30 and 5:15
      10:30 Czech Orchestra
      11:00 Opening Ceremonies
      11:30 Czech Children Dancers
      11:40 Czech Beseda Dancers
      3:30 Petr Micka Cimbalom Orchestra
      4:40 Czech Recognition
      5:15 Petr Micka Cimbalom Orchestra

      Admission: Fairgrounds admission
      Dinner for Musicians: Yes, Fair food provided by _____(?)
      Reception: N/A
      Overnight Housing: N/A
      Contact: Steve Ogden 214-641-6013 (scheduling) or steven.ogden@...; David
      Podhrasky 214-724-1523 (sound)

      Tuesday, 9 October
      Location: ** Cactus Cafe, ** UT Campus, Austin
      Host: Texas Chair of Czech Studies, University of Texas
      Time: ** 8:30 **
      Admission: No
      Dinner for Musicians: Yes, 5:30 prior; Kolar home 3108 Glenview
      Reception: Private
      Overnight Housing: Yes
      Contact: Craig Cravens 512-232-9125 or svejk@...; Roger Kolar 512-474
      -6526 work, 512-453-0642 home, 512-217-6147 cell or rogkolar@...

      Wednesday, 10 October
      Location: Czech Cultural Center, Houston 713-528-2060
      * Museum, Library, Prague Hall, Brno Gallery, Wenceslas Chapel*
      4920 San Jacinto at Wichita in the Museum District
      Host: Czech Cultural Center Houston
      Time: 7:00
      Admission: Yes
      Dinner for Musicians: Yes, 5:00 prior
      Reception: Public
      Overnight Housing: No
      Contact: Bill or Effie Rosene czech@... or bllrosene@...

      Thursday, 11 October
      Location: Caldwell Civic Center, Caldwell 979-567-6854
      103 W. Highway 21
      Host: Texas Polka Music Museum
      Time: 7:00
      Admission: Freewill offering
      Dinner for Musicians: Yes, 4:00 prior
      Reception: Public
      Overnight Housing: Yes
      Contact: Lou Zaeske 979-846-2035 or louzaeske@...

      Saturday, 13 October
      Location: "Muziky Muziky" Amphitheater, La Grange 888-785-4500
      Fayette County Fairgrounds, Highway 77 North
      Host: Texas Czech Heritage & Cultural Center
      Time: 7:30
      Admission: Yes
      Dinner for Musicians: Yes, prior; refreshments, after
      Reception: No
      Overnight Housing: Yes
      Contact: Retta Chandler 972-223-9361 or rettachan@...

      Sunday, 14 October
      Location: Dallas Sokol Hall, Dallas 214-348-5608
      7448 Greenville
      Host: Sokol Dallas
      Time: 12:00-4:00 performance by the Cloverleaf Orchestra, 12:30-2:00 meal, 4:30-6:00
      Petr Micka Cimbalom Orchestra
      Admission: $10 tax-deductible offering toward CEFT
      Dinner for Musicians: Yes, 12:30 prior
      Reception: No
      Overnight Housing: N/A
      Contact: David Podhrasky 214-724-1523; Bob Podhrasky 972-392-243; Bertha
      Podhrasky bertha1@...

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